Buying Keywords List: 101 Key Terms and Phrases that Attract Buyers to You and Your Site (or Blog)

Buying keywords list. 101 “hot buyers” key terms and phrases that help you attract people looking to buy your product, service or affiliate program.

What does “coupon” and “tutorial” have in common? Nothing. First keyword implies buying intent while the second suggests people are looking for free information or download files.

Use “buying” keywords in your content – increase your chance to attract hot buyers and scare freebie seekers.

Don’t misunderstand me though: free information keywords generate readers and subscribers though. And this makes money too, even longer term.

Both list ideas are essential. A “buying” keywords list attracts buyers, while a “free info” keyword list gets people interested to read your content and join your list.

What are you looking for first: to make money or to build your list?

I prefer both. However, just recently I started to recognize the power of “buying” keyword lists, so I created my own.

I use this list whenever I need ideas or keywords to help me create “wow” content, write product reviews or craft “money-making” emails…

Product overview:

  • 1-page word document you can download instantly.
  • It packs 37 buying intent keywords (e.g. cheap, buy, coupon, and 34 others) plus…
  • 71 problem-solution related keywords (e.g. clean, get rid of, how-to, save, and 67 others).

Buyers are looking to find products that solve their problems, wants and needs. They can find your site and products! Don’t let them wait…


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