99 Email Subject Lines That Work: Winning Open Rate Boosters You Should Split Test for Profit

Looking for email subject lines that work?

Need some winning open rate boosters?

Whenever you’re sending email newsletters, follow-ups, broadcasts, or ad swapping with fellow mailing list owners, use these 99 openers I am about to share with you next…

You and I both know this: writing email subject lines can make or break your email campaign. It’s the difference between generating 200 opens or less than 170. In sales that could translate in more (or less) money into your pocket.

For example, consider you’re mailing to a list of 1,000 emails (potential buyers).

  • Subject line A generates 200 opens
  • Subject line B generates 175 opens

If you don’t test your subject lines, you’re clueless to knowing which version is the best. Why should you care?

Imagine using the same subject line when advertising in ezines or ad swapping. What happens if you split test a few subject lines and go with the winner in your future campaigns instead of the looser?

More opens which lead to higher clicks/sales. To me, that is smart marketing.

Sadly, most marketers are blindly emailing their lists and keep wondering why their bank accounts look like a ghost town.

Email Subject Lines That Work:
2 Secrets They Don’t Tell

Secret #1 – Email subject lines are not created equally

If you know that “50% discount by Monday” is a good opener, you’d send this to your customer list and test the results. Different industries and markets respond differently to subject lines. You could find that more women prefer discounts over man.

That’s why you should never blindly copy a subject line and use it at random. Innovate and send emails based on the readers’ interest and hot buttons.

Secret #2 – Winning email subject lines are everywhere

Look around you. Join newsletters and buy ecourses. Check the spam folder. Notice the subject lines that grab your attention. They’ll probably grab the attention of people you plan to mail too, don’t you think?

Whenever I need proven subject lines, and don’t have time for research, or feel like I’m trapped into writers’ block, I use my secret swipe file.


99 Good Email Subject Lines That Work


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Codrut Turcanu.

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