Niche Blogging Profits Review: 5 Blogs, Seven Secrets, $35k (No Average Blogging Guide)

Do you have a blog? Or think to start one?

Read the 7 “secrets” I discovered after starting 5 blogs and generating $35,000 in revenue, not fake earnings. I am going to review my blogging course (Niche Blogging Profits), so invest 10 minutes and hear what I learned about blogging that could help you out.

This is What I Wished I Knew
Before Starting My First Blog!

I could have probably made $35k faster… who knows.

Now, do not move forward if you have already made $35k with your blog(s). What I am going to share with you might not be something new at your experience. However, I bet you’ll find at least one or two blogging ideas you can take straight to the bank 🙂

Also, if you thought that blogging is all about writing at random on topics dear to you.. if you thought that making money with AdSense or placing a few banners is what blog monetization is all about, you’re only scratching the surface.

What Is Niche Blogging Profits
and Why Should You Care


A 30-page PDF report you can print out in 7 mins and read in 30 (if you’re lazy).

Inside, I distill everything I learned after starting 5 blogs in IM related niches, and making money online: $35 to give you an idea.

I did not build all blogs at once. They were not auto-content generated blogs. And $35 was not made overnight. It was over a period of several months. You cannot learn something new or have “aha” moments unless you take time to dig deep and wait for results to come, right?

NEVER believe someone who says: I’ve made $5k (or whatever) with 10 blogs in a month. That’s almost impossible, unless they outsource the content creation to 100’s of guys and spend a small fortune. They might make $5k, but spend $6k. Which is not business profitable. But they don’t talk about that in their product, aren’t they?

Niche Blogging Profits
– Best Feature –

I like the quick-start guide on page 29. It helps people who don’t have a blog yet, start one in 3 fast moves.

Also, since I ‘m the “over-deliver” guy, I made sure to hid a special bonus link on page 5 — “94 Blog Niches that Convert Like Crazy”.

Don’t have a niche yet, or need more ideas? You should grab the guide for this bonus alone.

Niche Blogging Profits
– What I Like the Most –

Each page is fluff-free. I tell the naked truth. Don’t read hundreds of pages elsewhere. You’ll shorten your learning curve with this PDF and discover what works, and what doesn’t (at least for me personally)

I even pepper the read with some cool images and hidden (resource) links. You will enjoy it, I promise. You don’t have to buy any additional software or products. I don’t sell other stuff inside that you have to buy.

I share nothing but insider tips, practical insights, not re-hashed info, including…

  • Why keyword research is not the best way to select your niche (page 4)
  • How to become a niche blogging authority — it’s not “IF”, it’s “WHEN”! (page 6)
  • How I started from ground ZERO, with nothing but ___ and ___ , yet made a small fortune online blogging!
  • What Michael Jordan can teach us about blogging for profits and making money online! (page 10)
  • The biggest mistake all bloggers commit when selecting a domain name for their BLOGS! You should avoid this or fail from the start (page 12)
  • 2 “secret” places I use to get reliable blog hosting for less than $10/month and domain names for less than $9/year
  • How to learn “everything” about every topic — 4 little-known and often neglected content idea generating resources… (page 15)
  • What you need to include in the first 5 to 15 posts on your BLOG! This is common sense, yet most bloggers neglect it! (page 16)
  • Why Blogger & Are Not the Best Solution for blogging for profits; most people don’t know this and that’s why they’ve not unlocked their blog full profit potential yet! (page 17)
  • This one-click install (hosting) option lets you install a blog in 60 seconds or less! Yeah, it’s unbelievable but true! (page 18)
  • The biggest secret I discovered about list building via blogs. Why FeedBurner & RSS Is NOT the Best Way to Build Your List! (page 19)
  • Why blogging for money is NOT about Adsense — read about my “affiliate promo” test who out-earned AdSense with $2,900 (page 21)
  • The biggest secret I learned about blogging for money and this is why most bloggers fail to make more than $100/month with their blogs, in their first 2-5 years online… (page 21 & 22)

And more. You’ll read it in one sitting. That’s what I did (and it’s my own product). It might sound crazy, but I always create products I wish to buy myself and not fluff around.

Niche Blogging Profits
– What I Do Not Like (Or Wish Improved) –

I could have also created an additional video tutorial guide and make the info faster to consume. I didn’t because there are plenty of Youtube vids you can watch to help install your blogs already,  so there’s really no need for me to pack what’s already there – one Google search away, right?

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For a one-time $49 $29 you get instant product access (no list to join in, isn’t that a hassle?)

I can reveal the same information on a SKYPE call with you one-on-one for $200 an hour. I think you should save $171 and grab the digital file instead for only $29.

See you on the download page
Codrut Turcanu.

P.S. Some visitors wanted to read testimonials from satisfied users. Here are just a few I included for your eyes only…

will really open your eyes to what
is possible with blogging…

“I feel that if you are sitting on the fence wondering if you really want to blog or not you should really read Codrut Turcanu’s Niche Blogging Profits which will really open your eyes to what is possible with blogging and show you just how simple and easy it is to get started.

Keep up the great work Codrut!

Reed Floren – semi-retired Internet marketer (

Your pdf gave me an idea on how to learn a new subject or topic fairly quickly…

“Hi Codrut

I must say I am very impressed with Niche Blogging Profits…

I read it from cover to cover even though you said I should not but I made notes and I can’t tell you how much the PDF made me breath a sigh of relief and fresh air.

The information is great because like so many places on the Internet filled with fluff, scams, sales pitches and systems that are a complete waste of time your course sounded so honest and genuine that it helped me on a mental and emotional level.

I have been irritated lately trying to work out how to earn money on the Internet with information overload and just making a decision to stick with.

Your pdf really has cleared my mind and made ONE thing very clear to me.

Focus on your customer and forget the money.

To be honest it makes a lot of sense and there is nothing complicated about it.

People don’t want a product they want a solution to their problems.

Your pdf gave me an idea on how to learn a new subject or topic fairly quickly which I think I will use when I start my own blog.

My 3 main areas of interest are woodwork, art and IT so I will be writing about these soon.

Thank You for releasing this product it really has helped a lot.”

Rafeeq Ibrahim

Other comments from happy users…

This is well worth $9.95 and the bonus “How to Select a Red-Hot Niche Topic” is priceless!

Sonja M. Sells

…wonder if any serious money can be made
as a blogger, be sure to pay close attention
to the case study on page 13…

Nathan Falkner

…you so clearly EXPLAIN
the POWER of those steps…

“Hi Codrut

The BEST thing about the Niche Blogging Profits Report is NOT just

  • The clear layout
  • The great advice about how to USE it
  • The “Special Bonus” included that’s worth thousands of $$
  • The Seven Brief yet Specific Steps

For me the BEST part is that you so clearly EXPLAIN the POWER of those steps which heightens their VALUE and locks it in for me. I’m going to take advantage of your advice immediately!

Thanks, Codrut.
I appreciate you.”

Mary K

Click here to get Instant Download to
Niche Blogging Profits Right Away!