Do you (quietly) spend most of your time looking for ways to earn online income with your computer but don’t know where to start? Read my 30 Day Newbie Challenge Review and decide if Aaron Danker affiliate method to rake-in $2,227 in a month is worth your time.

Before we dive in, I quickly want to share with you:

The short story of how I started online:

I still remember back in November 1999, like it was yesterday… chilling at high-school, when suddenly a colleague of mine whispered the BIG news in my ear:

Did you hear about a new opportunity to earn online income: “get paid to read emails”?

Aha! My brain was on fire. You see, I was always dreaming to stumble upon some ways to earn online income, as I was tired of listening to music or watching NBA clips all day.

A decade ago we didn’t have YouTube. There were not 100’s of “money-making” blogs like we have now. In fact, the Internet was in its infancy and the Internet Marketing was just a niche term.

Nowadays we have a new blog sprang every second and 100x times more money-making “opportunities” than honest marketers available to help the little guy in search for answers.

Today the Internet is a war field

… you and I are in between HYPE and GURUS.

I feel like all the newbies starting out are vacuumed into this vicious circle, spinning their wheels hopeless… until someone who crushed the “guru-hype” monster, can drag them out.

It is not easy to decide what product to buy and who to trust like it was 10+ years ago. We have so many “opportunities” to choose from that our brain starts spinning around when “BIG NEWS!” product launch emails hit our INBOX.

You and I, both been there, done it. Read a truck of junk. Bought hype; tired of it. Let’s move on.

30 Day Newbie Challenge Review
Aaron Danker Method to Earn Online Income


30 Day Newbie Challenge
– Product Overview –

I had the curiosity to review this digital workbook (it comes in PDF format as most how-to products but over-delivers like not many) and discover it was created by Aaron Danker for the beginner marketer (newbie affiliate).

That is why advanced marketers will probably not find it enticing and move to something else. Personally, I found new gems inside – and paid off already.

It packs 30+ daily activities you can start implementing right away (no advanced skills or experience needed) to rake-in $$$ in your paypal (or bank account) as soon as possible.

Now, let’s be honest. I am an experienced marketer, skilled copywriter and super affiliate. I read a lot. The information found inside this guide is not 100% brand-new. In fact I suspect 98% of the affiliate marketing products out there are not loading any “new” information, but sharing “unique” views on the same topic we have been reading for weeks, months and years (SEO, keyword research, affiliate program selection)

What you get here is a step-by-step (and I mean it!) affiliate guide that challenges you to start earning online income; once done, you might want to dazzle your loved ones with the new generated money 🙂

Isn’t this what you want? Aren’t you looking for a quick-start guide to make money online instead of a mammoth-sized pack with 20+ DVDs and hundreds of pages to go through?

I couldn’t find any online review on the product. And I guess there’s a clear reason for it:

Most people simply prefer to promote hype products and pocket BIG commissions.

No wonder reputation and trust are two missing elements nowadays more than ever.

30 Day Newbie Challenge
– Best Feature –

I like the structure of the entire program. You have a new activity to tackle each day, for 30 days. You get instant access to download materials and you can start right away with day #1: selecting a winning affiliate product to make money online.

If you do what it says, I find it impossible not to see results. But make no mistakes. The author made $2,270 with the exact same system (that’s his claim) in a month – could you replicate this?

In my 11+ years online experience I learned a key lesson.

Results cannot be replicated “as is”. You can achieve similar results, but not identical. You can either make $2, 270, more or less. Or you can make zero money whatsoever! The revenue (output) is a direct result of your time, effort and activities (input).

How good and fast are you at implementing the info you read? That’s the question that counts!

Most people will never earn online income or achieve the results they want because of lack of tacking action and not because of the product, its content or method.

If you expect to get paid online with little or no effort, then go buy a lotto ticket. Don’t read further, in fact, close this browser and never come back to my blog. I dislike hype, I don’t believe in get-rich-quick and never promote stuff that don’t work in real life.

I know you’re reading this far because you are as serious as I am (hey, that’s why I’m still doing marketing online after 11 years in the game!) – you just need to BELIEVE it must be something out there that is fit for you – something you can take it to the bank, right?

I feel like you listen to what I say because you are a pro active person. So, listen closely…

Super affiliates are not born; they are made. This is a concept I’m always emphasizing here on my super affiliate marketing blog.

30 Day Newbie Challenge
– What I Like the Most –

Its simple 1-2-3 outline (“Do this first, do this after…”). Be honest and positive. Want to make $1,000 a week? It will never going to happen, unless you have some sort of advantage/leverage like access to a mailing list, traffic or past clients.

This type of attitude always adds impact to people’s minds.

30 Day Newbie Challenge
– What I Do Not Like (Or Wish Improved) –

The first day lesson puts too much emphasize on ClickBank’s gravity feature when selecting winning affiliate products. I made nice money promoting low-gravity products. To me gravity is not as important as it sounds, unless you really want to compete with the big guys and promote high-popular products?

I prefer to rank high for long-tail keywords and product titles that are ready to launch, thus I work like crazy before the public launch. This way I list on first page (usually top3 ranks) on Google for my key terms, driving “ready-to-buy” traffic to my posts and affiliate product reviews.

You are reading this, don’t you? Then it means product reviews do work.

Is it in your best interest to download 30 day newbie challenge and put it to work for you.

See if you like it. You’re protected by their 60-day money-back guarantee. I risk my reputation promoting it. You invest $17 which you can ask back if you’re not thrilled and satisfied with your purchase.

If you grab the product through my link, I’ll give you $499 worth of private email consulting. For 30 days you can ask me any question on your most burning affiliate marketing topics.

You will always face challenges online, why not have a super affiliate by your side, ready to “take you by the hand” in the right direction?

Don’t spend $499 for premium email consulting with me. Get it free when you download 30 day newbie challenge and send me your receipt.

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