The problem with bum marketing is that most people have no clue what it really is, or how to use it, or – more importantly – WHY to use it.

WHAT bum marketing means

This is a free promotion method used to promote other people’s products [aka affiliate products or services such as ClickBank, Commission Junction, AdSense, CPA, etc]

Its core basis is article marketing – writing and publishing content on sites such as EzineArticles dot com , as well as on other platforms, blogs and forums.

HOW to use bum marketing

The pro bum marketers are using this method to get direct traffic from links in their content, as well as to rank in Google and other search engines.

This method is also used to direct traffic directly to the merchant site [program you’re promoting] or straight to your landing page, if you want to build your own list and generate more money, month after month.

WHY to use bum marketing

The best in the field are using this method to either to drive all the traffic to their link and bank fat affiliate checks or build massive lists which in turn generate lots of traffic, clicks and sales, each and every month.

Which method would you select?

If you want to get fast cash, and don’t care for long-term profits, your best option would be to send traffic straight to the vendor’s page [the link you’re promoting] This doesn’t mean you have to spam people or advertise everywhere, but match your content with the right crowd [niche] and link to the affiliate product ONLY at the bottom [in your resource box].

If we’re talking about the biggest bum marketing mistake and why most people fail with this method it is because they neglect this simple yet crucial step.

If I had to give you just one tip for today, I’d tell you to include links in your resource box only [author bio] and focus your article on providing good content.

The best articles tend to get the most views and clicks. Aim for that, and getting results will not be a problem anymore.