Are you CURIOUS to hear the true story of how I transcended the FEAR of rejection, eliminated insecurity, and created my first, life-changing, DIGITAL PRODUCT?

Despite having poor English writing skills, I attracted around 100 buyers, and $7,000 in sales, within 4 days – with a simple IDEA.

The SECRET? It was not paying for ads, get rich quick schemes or praying for a *build-it-and-they’ll come* miracle!

It is said… ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God’.

I was born a healthy baby in 1982, to normal parents, in Romania, Europe.

At elementary school, I was an average student, yet I had a talent for taking a particular subject, and expanding it with my unique writing style.

I was mostly introspective by nature and revealing my innermost feelings and thoughts to large groups of people filled me with apprehension and fear.

Instead, I preferred more intimate, one-on-one or small group chats.

So, what did I learn after practicing offline and digital writing for more than 18 years now?

Write as you speak and speak as you write.

Never pretend to write like somebody else, because, as cliched as it may sound, you are one of a kind.

Developing your own unique voice will attract others to you, your views, and life experiences.

I believe that writing is close to your heart. This quality will allow you to expose others to your thought processes, gaining their trust over time with your AUTHENTIC nature, and befriending complete strangers along the way – both online and offline.

This is the most natural, most rewarding, and most sustainable way to get others to buy your product online.

Forget the latest trends and sales tricks.

Stop for a second!

Did you know that it is not even necessary for you to write everything yourself?

Yes. The fact is that other writers were responsible for 90% of my digital product.

I did NOT hire them. I did NOT outsource the product either.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Life is too short to waste on doing everything yourself, so you have to leverage other people’s time, insights and skills

It may seem frightening and counterintuitive to befriend pro bloggers and influential marketers on the Internet and convince them to…

(1) Create a life-changing digital product for you that…

(2) Helps other people solve their own problems and

(3) Generate extra income as a result.

However, this is exactly what I did, and so can you — if you put your trust in someone who has been there and done it! And, you should NEVER give up until you’ve achieved your goal! Persistence is key!

Enjoy this brief story of how I beat the odds and created my first digital product.  Maybe it will provide you with some inspiration to create your own.

Product launches are so vital nowadays. This is especially true when everybody is struggling with freelance, coaching, or speaking gigs, and end up renting out their intellectual ability and skills on an hourly basis, or for a particular project.

It all starts with one simple idea. Let me explain.

In high school my English writing skills were appalling! Any attempt at writing even a short article was quickly abandoned. Therefore, the thought of one day creating my own info products was the furthest thing from my mind. Selling hundreds of online copies of this product was not even conceivable.

I literally read hundreds of “make money online” articles, becoming more discouraged with each one. They didn’t offer much that made sense…

Then, in 2000, I began exploring the subject of affiliate marketing

Three years later, I finally managed to create my first info product, which generated a 100 sales, in 4 short days.

I later learned that blogging + email marketing is vital to selling products online.

However, what makes a major difference is copywritingthe ultimate skill to help you…

1. Create digital products that solve specific problems for specific people

2. Ensure that your target audience is happy and satisfied with their purchase

3. Build an email database of “lifetime” loyal customers and raving buyers.

The often overlooked secret to creating a successful digital product and then pitching it to potential customers, is remarkably simple. You have to make a choice:

A. You can invest considerable time, passion and energy in learning the basics of copywriting, and the right way to launch products, while honing and perfecting your marketing funnel…


B. You can take the simpler and more rewarding route, and skip the daunting learning curve altogether…

Save yourself 3 months of trial-and-error frustration and hire an experienced copywriter to create your digital product and sales funnel that includes sales copy, emails, and blog posts.

Here’s what happens when you blindly follow the trends and create your digital product on your own…

Before I started to sell products online, I had created my first info product and gave it away for free to help build an email list.

I did so because I was confronted with…

  • Major insecurity and a fear of rejection.
  • Zero digital selling experience.
  • And no copywriting skills.

Charging for a digital product was out of the question. Therefore, requesting an email sign-up seemed less frightening.

This approach allowed me to build my opt-in list… and attract almost 1,000 double opt-in subscribers within days… Yet I remained clueless about what to offer a 1000 subscribers once I had them signed up for the list.

Similar to current tendencies, frequent product “promos” and sending hype emails were the norm back then. However, this approach was definitely not the right one for me, and I spent months learning the fine art and science behind “email nurturing” to understand what motivates people to buy online.

Teaming up with genuine experts to assist you with creating products that can help people solve their problems, will provide you with a feeling of relief, and boost your confidence.

I eventually gained enough confidence to develop my first digital product that people gladly paid for.

In short, this was a 300+ page interview-style eBook, published in PDF format of which 90% was written by 12 experts.

Smart, isn’t it? 😉

At that time, I was super eager to learn about “affiliate marketing” and didn’t have sufficient experience to provide authentic information myself. Therefore, I had no other option than to…

Search for, and interview some of the best affiliate marketers at that time. I enquired about the unique methods they used to profit online by promoting products and services on behalf of others.

The entire project took approximately 3 months to complete, and the entire process was conducted via email.

No phone calls – no video interviews.

This proves that anybody, including you, can create their own digital product, regardless of the obstacles and fears littering the road to success.

As mentioned before, persistence is key…

In my case, I had a CLEAR objective in mind, while reaching my goal was non-negotiable and the only thing that mattered. During the process of creating and launching my product, socializing, and even meals took a backseat.

I was too excited to finish and start making an impact.

In short, I was able to sell the eBook for $67 and generate in 4 days perhaps 10x times what my parents earned in a year.

Back then, $67 was the average price among similar info products in the online marketing industry.

Interested in how this digital product of mine came together?

Via email, I befriended Allan Gardyne, one of Australia’s hottest digital marketers at that time. My goal was to learn more about affiliate marketing, not to create a marketable digital product.

Endless productive conversations with Allan provided me with enough confidence to create a product that was acceptable for his newsletter. The aim was to help beginners learn how to conduct affiliate marketing, with advice from other experts, including Allan himself.

By introducing my product to his 10,000+ audience, we were able to attract around 100 buyers… and generate $7,000 in sales… within 4 days.

I vividly remember each time my phone chimed with a “you’ve got a sale” alert. You cannot imagine the feeling. Yet, the money I earned failed to make me happy.

I believe strongly that rather than financial gain, it is our inherent gifts and talents that we share with others to facilitate a positive result in their lives, which generate true happiness and contentment.

I am still amazed at the exceptional power of relationship building. Trust is paramount in all aspects of business and life in general and encompasses the secret to my success.

This is the secret to my success

Before you even think of expanding your online business idea into your first digital product, consider these three vital aspects:

(1) TRUST God first

Put your entire trust in the Creator first. The rest will arrange itself like a puzzle game. This defies any imagination, logic or emotion.

Since a young age, I was exposed to various stories from the Bible. I believe this cultivated the strength I needed to confront several obstacles in my life, including panic attacks, a marriage that ended in divorce after only 7 years, as well as all the subsequent challenges that presented themselves.

(2) RESEARCH your target audience’s pain points

This is where most digital product creators make the error of rushing.

They create their product with no audience in mind or attempt to shape it to appeal to “everybody”.


You simply cannot ignore the struggles that your potential buyers grapple with on a daily basis, or that the product you formulate has to address these specific problems successfully…

In my case, I became weary of using the Internet for the sole purpose of entertainment, news and information. So, I started looking for ways to…

  • Generate extra income, by enjoying the process not just the result 
  • Helping people solve their problems, and
  • Delve beyond the financial satisfaction that comes with product launches.

The primary challenges I faced, were the following:

A. I had no clue how to correctly approach affiliate marketing.

B. I wanted to reduce the learning curve by learning from genuine expert marketers.

C. Finally, I REALLY wanted to avoid being scammed by the ‘get rich quick’ schemes that abounded on the web. These fraudsters were intent on pilfering your hard-earned cash, while you’re paying for “solutions” that don’t work.

(3) DARE to ask for expert help no matter what

I highly recommend hiring others to help with copywriting and digital selling since it saves you tons of time and money. It’s as simple as that.

In my experience, creating interview-based products are preferred and are the most rewarding since it provides you with the incredible opportunity to associate with like-minded people who are experts at their craft, and are recognized in their industries.

These individuals have invested everything to build their brand and attract a loyal audience. In my case, one expert partner helped me generate 100 sales. Amazing, isn’t it?

Would you rather collaborate with other experts to create a simple product & launch strategy within 90 days instead of battling alone for 9 months to create the product yourself and build a small following, unsure if it will even pay off in the end?

I would also say…

START building authentic relationships from day one

Associate yourself with other people who have already been through the entire experience.

Aligning yourself with another person possessing more experience and who complements your skill and talent, makes it infinitely easier for you to reach your goal efficiently.

It can be your best friend, lovely spouse or dedicated team. 

Learn from each other.

Value both your time and insights.

Start a common cause or project.

Never give up until you reach your objective.

Create your first digital product today. All it takes is one idea to take your life to a whole new level! Tap into my 18+ year experience in the digital marketing industry. Let’s talk!

I am on a self-imposed mission to globally spread the word about digital products and expert content creation. My aim is to inspire people like you to share their unique ideas and life experiences.

Join a multitude of like-minded individuals who benefit from my unique life experience, skills, and approach, people who CARE to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and TRUST THEIR OWN WRITING VOICE.


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