For affiliate newbies who are so tired of hunting for “get-rich-quick” opportunities that they almost feel like ready to quit, but know deep down in their hearts there still must be a way for the little guy to earn online income with affiliate programs…

Look, we cannot really stop the “gurus” from fooling innocent people — they’re still gonna push junk and call it the “next best thing”… what if we shift our focus on something you and I both already have…

Our Brain! And How You Can Unlock It
to Earn Online Income (While You Sleep)

You see… I’ve sat where you’re sitting right now. I know how hard it feels to juggle with a day JOB, family, offline “routine” tasks and this Internet marketing thing…

I know how frustrating and daunting it is to get up in the morning… check your web stats and stare hopeless at the screen… thinking seriously if you should continue, or quit…

I know how paralyzing it feels to sort through hundreds of JUNK emails, looking to find the one “quit your day job” OPPORTUNITY, but end the night with another bad Internet “experience”.

Thus, my deepest desire and hope is to help as many newbies experience the Internet lifestyle, not live the nightmare, or I won’t rest.

Here’s what most affiliate marketers
are really missing: F-O-C-U-S

Forget HYPE…

Regular guys like you and me will probably never make $1,000 overnight, unless they already have access to an “established” audience or some sort of “mailing list”.

Organize your daily activities on your most important 3 priorities…

E-mail answering, web browsing & reading without taking action should never be considered top priority. To me research, writing and promoting are the key tasks

Crave for Success…

Feel deep inside your soul: you want and deserve to earn online income and be proud about it. $100 a month would sound awesome if it’s your first time, right? What if you could multiply that into $200… $400… $600… how would it make you feel?

Use what you already have…

Your brain and a mentor that can guide you step-by-step in the right direction and cut your learning curve & workload.

Stick with what works and dump the rest…

Any average Joe, with basic computer skills and some affiliate marketing experience, if determined & pro active, could generate a comfortable living online…

You see, I was no genius when I firstly started online back in Nov. 1999, and I now make enough to support my family and live more than a decent lifestyle (still not a genius!)

If you have never created an email account before, left a comment on a blog or bookmarked a link, then I advise YOU to not read further, as what I’m telling you next would not apply to you.

I’m looking for 25 students (newbie affiliates) to take them by the hand and teach a simple way to earn online income with my…

Affiliate Newbie Challenge 2.0
(Make $100 In 45 Days or Less)
Coaching Program…

This is a 6-week interactive coaching that teaches step-by-step: how to make your first $100 in 45 days or less with affiliate programs. I cannot give instant download access to this program because we both know a step-by-step system like this takes time to go through and I want each one of my students to succeed.

If you already have a blog, then you’re in advantage, if not, I’ll teach you how to get one free.

Read further, as I explain why below…

Each week I will email YOU a password-protected blog post (teaching you the best affiliates lessons you have ever heard, with 1-2-3 directions) – at the end of the program, if followed my instructions, you should be generating $100 (or more) in your Paypal or bank account.

If you’re looking for the “lotto” ticket, you’re actually in the wrong place. I don’t believe the Internet is a get-rich-quick opportunity, but an ideal platform you can use to follow my program and make $100+ a month online… then multiply that into $200… $400… $600… or a lot more!

I think it’s time you start using…

My Secret Affiliate Marketing Weapons!

Here’s what my six-week coaching program holds in it for you…

Week #1Affiliate Sub-Niche Research

On the first week, I talk about and explain the…

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Rules Gurus Don’t Talk About, Yet Break!

  • Don’t Promote Hype
  • Don’t Promote Something You Don’t Believe In
  • Don’t Promote Something You Haven’t Tested Personally
  • Don’t Promote Something You Won’t Recommend to Your Best Friend
  • Don’t Promote Something Unless It Helps Your Audience or Adds Value to their Life

Plus, I share with you a PDF report revealing Top 50 Sub-Niches, and help you…

Select a (Sub-Niche) Topic that suits you and makes money — no keyword research required!

Each week you get access to one (password-protected) blog post. This way I can easily update the content with new tips or links/resources and interact with you (and other students) on the commenting platform, one-on-one, to provide you with individual help.

We can also TALK by e-mail, 100% privately, as per my bonus gift offered at the bottom of this post.

Week #2 – Affiliate Network/Program Selection

On week #2, I talk about key affiliate marketing topics, and help you decide on a program that makes you money, not wastes your time.

  • AdSense vs. Pay Per Sale vs. Pay Per Lead programs: How to Make Your Selection
  • Top 3 Pay Per Sale Affiliate Networks (ClickBank, Plimus, DigiResults) and How to Chose Yours
  • 600+ Pay Per Lead (CPA) Networks (Free Individual Reviews – Go with the one you like)
  • Google AdSense: should you still use it on your blog?
  • Affiliate link cloacking vs. link shortening vs. link tracking (100% free services to use)

Week #3Blog Setup/Install

On week #3 I teach you…

If you have $10, you can buy a domain name and use self-hosted version like I do with DreamHost, HostGator (or other WP-enabled hosts) for an additional $10 or so a month. This is the only cost you’ll ever need to make my coaching program work for you and it is 100% optional.

Inside this week, you’ll learn about…

  • The best FREE blogging platform tutorials for: Blogger, Weebly and
  • I give you my list with the top 40+ (must-have) plugins I use for my blog.
  • I tell you why a Google sitemap is crucial and how to install yours, regardless of what blog platform are you using.
  • I show how to structure your blog content and navigation (top bar/sidebar) for best user experience and high click-through rates (leading to more time spent on your blog, which generates more revenue)

Week #4“Wow!” Blog Content Deploy

The best blogs are not created by skilled writers, but by people who take the time for in depth research.

Input equals output. Unless you’re reading or getting access to up-to-date information on your topic then how will you manage to create irresistible content that others enjoy and forward to their friends?

On this week, I give you access to my best templates ever…

  • Top 30 (viral) blog posts ideas and titles you can copy-cat (my secret swipe file) to create red-hot articles for your blog or content needs.
  • 50+ Fill in the blank article titles and 30+ intros you can copy-paste (my private collection) – use them whenever you need to craft emails, EzineArticles, posts, blog comments, etc.
  • ZIP file with 49+ Famous Quotes (organized by categories: Business, Commitment, Focus, Goals, Life, Success, Time, Trust, etc.) – it helps pepper your content and make it stand out!

I sell some of these templates on my blog. If you had to pay for them, you’d expect to invest at least $99 combined. They are free as part of our coaching program.

On week #4 I make sure to ignite your creative juice flow and help you to…

  • Add content to your blog: how to find time for in depth research
  • Write two comprehensive blog posts (at least 600+ words each)
  • And show how to: “embed” your affiliate promo (banner/text/link) within your content for maximum clicks and revenue.

Week #5Traffic-Generating Secret

On week #5 I reveal to you how to use my #1 favorite free traffic generating strategy – blog commenting, and provide step-by-step commenting instruction ( information not revealed inside this post)

  • I give you access to my 35+ high-traffic blogs list (for IM related niches only!) which I sell/sold for $29.

If you decide to go with a non IM related niche/topic, then I have an incredible bonus you’ll get at the end of your coaching session (hint – you can find more details at the bottom of this post).

Week #6Rinse & Repeat for Success

On week#6 is when the magic things start happening. (more clicks & revenue)

I share with you more details on…

  • How to Research + Write another in-depth blog post
  • How to publish it on your blog and how to actively promote it (as usual, plus via Twitter)
  • I reveal other type of posts you can publish (and show you real-life examples): surveys, contests, blog reviews and interviews with industry leaders and blogges in your niche.

You get my fill-in-the-blanks “interview questions” template you can use when interviewing others either via email, phone or skype. It works in any niche, guaranteed!

Get $1,396 worth of BONUS GIFTS
at the end of your 6-week coaching:

  • Bonus #1 – Access to my “Niche Blog Directory” private list ($299 VALUE)

This includes 100+ top industry blogs in 10 non related IM niches including: self-development, online dating, offline dating, marriage, health & fitness, and 5 others!

  • Bonus #2 – Free spotlight in Codrut Turcanu’s Hall of Fame “ANC 2.0 Graduate Students”

At the end of this post you’re reading now, I’ll have a spot where I feature your name and blog link for (free) additional exposure and traffic ($99 VALUE)

  • Bonus #3 – Access to my 60-day PREMIUM e-mail coaching ($998 VALUE)

For the next 2 months (after you finish the coaching program) you will have my undivided attention via email. I will answer all your questions and provide you with step-by-step directions and guidance on your affiliate marketing challenges, wants and needs.

You’ll still have blog commenting access for my guidance during the coaching program, and e-mail support as well, stay assured. Just wanted to make sure you understand that you’re not left alone after the six weeks coaching.

OK, you’ve read what’s in it for you. I think it’s time to get inside


For a one-time $99 $49 you get everything I’ve said on the page, however, I cannot guarantee you’ll make any money (nobody will. Only you can tell how determined you are to make it through).

If you expect pay offs with little or no work, do NOT order. You’re protected by my 100% 60-day unconditional, money-back guarantee, anyway!

Once payment is complete, you get fast access to the 1st week materials. However, keep in mind, you get the password to access each week lessons via email.

UPDATE: I cannot guarantee more than 25 spots per month. Since I provide email consulting and my time is limited just like yours, I can only handle 25 students each month.

Don’t sneeze, when I stop taking orders, link goes inactive… and you might have to wait until next month when it goes active again. Ready?


P.S. This is the place holder for Codrut Turcanu’s Hall of Fame “ANC 2.0 Graduate Students” — once you finish our 6-week coaching, I’ll make sure to add your name and link to your blog right below… next to other graduate students (first graduated, first served) 🙂