The question I get asked the most when it comes to selecting the best autoresponder service is: Get Response vs AWeber, which one is the best?

Read my autoresponder comparison and decide for yourself. I tested both services and have accounts with both at the moment since I feel that what is missing from Get Response I can find at AWeber and vice versa.

One thing is for sure: both services offer the best autoresponder service. But “what is the difference?” That is why you’re reading this, right? Make sure you also check out the comparison chart at the bottom.

My Experience with Get Response
and How It Stacks up Against AWeber

I started to use it two years ago… at first it looked ok, though their dashboard was confusing and not easy to get used to. I guess I got used to AWeber’s smooth, simple interface…

Anyway, they finally updated their dashboard, it’s still not as easy as the other autoresponder, but I guess I can live with it (this might be a turn off for newbies and inexperienced computer users)

This is not bad mouthing just telling you how I feel. The positive side is that Get Response has more features than AWeber.  For example, as I am writing this, AWeber lacks:

  • Video email marketing and Email-to-Speech – this option enables you to automatically convert text into high-quality human voice so subscribers can listen to your emails “hands free”
  • Automatic split testing option (AWeber doesn’t automatically split test 5 subject line versions and select the winner)
  • iPhone mobile access – this application enables you track the progress of your campaigns while you’re on the move – anywhere, anytime!
  • Email analytics and advanced tracking – Get Response offer this option free of charge, AWeber does it at an additional cost. For a newbie blogger or affiliate marketing beginner it won’t make a difference.

My Experience with AWeber
and How It Stacks up Against Get Response

I have been using AWeber since 2005 and I prefer it over Get Response because I like their easy to use dashboard and web forms.

While Get Response beats AWeber in the learning center (sharing whitepapers, a ton of video tutorials and webminars) AWeber out-ranks GetResponse on the blog field. However, both these resources can be accessed for free.

Is there anything else that AWeber has that cannot be found on Get Response?

Yes, their recent API release where developers can register and create all kinds of applications e.g. blog integration that adds web forms to your WordPress blog in an instant. I think they leave Get Response in the dust with just this add-on alone.

I also like their content filter checking tools which allows you to see upfront if your email will trigger spam filters and how to change your text to avoid that.

What I Like About Get Response the Most

They have so many attractive html templates, which makes it easy to find one that suits you. Personally, I prefer not to use an html skin for my email marketing, so I stick with plain text and html for bolding/links.

What I Like About AWeber the Most

Their super simple interface and the ease with which you can create and add web forms to your site. They’re definitely newbie-focused.

What I Don’t Like About Get Response
Or Wish Can Be Improved

They are pricey for starters, but affordable for advanced users and companies who like their “multi-media” features and need more benefits.

I wish their blog would be more reader/customer-centered. Most of their posts talk about their latest features/add-ons and leave red-hot (email marketing) topics untouched. AWeber really helps email marketers when it comes to tips & tricks for list building success.

What I Don’t Like About AWeber
Or Wish Can Be Improved

They are very cheap for starters compared to Get Response, but they lack the many audio/video/survey features available with Get Response.

I wish they’d add more features (including an integrated survey option, more opt-in form templates and html skins)

I also dislike the robust RSS blog integration. FeedBurner blog mailing capability beats AWeber by a mile.

Price Comparison:

Get Response starts at $9.95 per month (or less with annual discount) for up to 250 subscribers / leads. Pay as you go flexible option.

AWeber costs $10 until you reach 2,500 subscribers / leads. It’s a lot more affordable for starters. GetResponse charges $25 for the same subscribers, almost three times more!

Be aware: prices might vary. I am just sharing the autoresponder service cost available at the time of writing this autoresponder review.

These are starting prices, the more subscribers you get, the more you pay…

This helps people like you and me to think twice before wanting to build BIG lists vs QUALITY lists. I prefer less subscribers and customers that make more money than a huge non-responsive list that costs money.

Good Buy, Best Buy

If you want a lower starting price, easy interface and don’t care about audio/video integration and advanced email analytics, then go with AWeber

If you prefer more features to start with, multi-media/survey integration and iPhone statistics, then go with Get Response

Money-Back Guarantee

  • Get Response – not available
  • AWeber – 30-day, $1 month trial available.

Which is the best autoresponder service? Go with one or the other (or both). I cannot really decide on your behalf.

I hope you enjoyed this Get Response vs AWeber comparison. If you want to share your feedback, please comment in the dedicated section.

P.S. If you’re not sure, just email me with your autoresponder/list building needs and I’ll provide you with FREE one-on-one support to help you make a smart decision for your business.

Features Get Response AWeber
Newbie-Focused Interface Not really! Definitely!
Extensive Learning Center Awesome! Improving it!
Html Templates 300+ 150+
Multi-media: audio/video YES Not Yet
Integrated Survey YES Not Yet
Advanced @ Analytics Included At additional cost
RSS Blog Integration YES! YES!
Email Deliverability Rate Over the standard Over the standard
Starting Price per Month $9.95 for 250 leads $10 for 2,500 leads
Customer Support 24/7 Phone, Forum, @ Mon-Fri Phone, Chat, @
Money-Back Guarantee N/A 30 days
Trials N/A 30-day $1 trial