Frustrated about your Google blog rankings? Sick and tired of not getting (massive) free blog traffic just like any other pro blogger? Read my blog commenting SEO formula. It helps rank your blog on the top 3 Google listings for keyword related terms which bring you free blog traffic.

Personally, I’m tired of the so-called “Rank in Google Overnight” software programs or magic formulas. I tried some of them, and most are or sound “black-hat”. Today you’re ranked on first page, tomorrow you’re banned or un-listed by Google for weeks or months.

We should avoid this like nothing else. I do NOT teach black-hat. I do NOT practice it.

What am I going to share with you next though is what I know and what works for me.

And before we dive in, here’s PROOF (just you know I’m not making this up)


I rank number #3 on first page Google for “product review template” and made $51 last week on ClickBank just because of this page/keyword ranking alone. Imagine what happens when you have 10, 25 or 50 long-tail keyword optimize pages like this?

I could be making… $510…$1,275…$2,550. Others are probably making lots more. What about you?

Now, don’t let the potential fool you.  It is unlimited. But it doesn’t mean you’ll ever reach the sky, right?

Some products claim the potential is there and you can reach it. That’s B.S. Never believe such product claims.

You know those sales pitches.  They should never be taken as trustworthy, unless their creators have believable proof and not some fake screen shots. 98% are fake anyway. Or they’re misleading people that the revenue was generate from free traffic or Facebook, when the truth is that they’ve paid AdWords or other PPC engines to drive their traffic, and are fooling us guys.

Be aware!

How I Get Top 3 Google Listings
and Free Blog Traffic…

On almost any long-tail keyword I want to rank for. My proprietary system is laid out right in front of you. Are you ready to steal my secrets and get free blog traffic? OK, let’s start…

Step #1
On-page Blog SEO

What I do exactly is make sure that my blog is optimized for the search engines, particularly Google. They (and I) look at content optimization the same way a book author (or publisher) would look at his cover.

And it comes into mind two key questions:

  1. Does it attract attention?
  2. Does the title and cover is (highly) relevant to the overall content found inside?

You want to attract the right audience to open and buy your book. In our case, we want our visitors (the right ones, not just anybody) to open/click our blog post and read it. If you get their attention, you are one step closer to generating clicks which lead to sales.

No attention, no clicks, no sales! That’s why your blog post title (headline) is the most important part in your content marketing strategy. As important as the first three words you say when meeting someone new or a friend of yours. What you say is targeted and memorable, or you better not say it!

What blog commenting “spammers” and “black-hat” practitioners do has nothing to do with optimization, but directing readers to “so-and-so” content or pure junk, just to get the click or make the quick buck.

This is not optimization,
but tricking and deceiving visitors.

And for this reason alone, people think SEO is black-hat entirely, or at least, they put a bad label on the terminology and its practice.

Re-read that and please, do not make the same mistake thinking alike. Search engine optimization is a concept that you have to fully grasp before you judge or criticize those who practice it.

Whenever we entitle a book, movie, blog post or whatever, we actually “optimize” it in order to attract the right audience and get rid of the kind of prospects who are not (or will never be) interested in what we have to offer or sell.

It is in our duty to make the Internet a better place and provide relevant content to right target audience. It is our responsibility to work with search engines (and benefit from their results and traffic) – because all Google wants is to separate the bad from the good.

Next time you hear someone trashing SEO, why not direct them to this post to change their view? 🙂

How I do on-page blog SEO:

You have to understand that my blog commenting SEO formula won’t work unless your blog home page is optimized for the right visitor. That means…

Your home page navigation bar title (what people see at the top of their browser) should include key terms related and highly-relevant to your overall content.

This is the first thing Google will show in their listing when indexing your blog or whatever page you optimize for.

My home page says…

Codrut Turcanu [the most productive Internet Marketing copywriter] – because I optimize for “Internet Marketing copywriter”. I want my visitors (new and returning) feel and perceive me as the #1 copywriter when it comes to Internet Marketing industry. And my content does the task.

In this regard, I also make sure my blog header is optimized, that’s why you see a similar text…

“Codrut Turcanu, the most productive Internet Marketing copywriter”

Why do I do this? Because:

I want to be relevant and avoid deceiving people
with wrong content or banner ads.

Google plays a key role on relevancy. I am able to rank in top 3 and maintain my spot not because I submit my links to all kinds of web 2.0 bookmarking sites, but because my content is relevant, thus when people click on my links, this makes Google consider ranking my blog higher in their SERP (search engine results page)

Not only that, but if your blog sidebar is content-relevant, that means if you’re showcasing the latest or other related posts, this helps visitor access your content faster. Do you think they’ll return to your blog more often? Definitely! I make an habit to show visitors relevant content in my blog’s sidebar, instead of pushing pop-ups or banner ads in their face.


When people come from Google (or other sites/blogs) and land on my blog, they don’t want to join my list, unless I particularly advertised a squeeze page. They don’t want to buy my product, unless I specifically wrote a product review blog post. All they are looking for is content, so I make it (stupid) EASY for them to access it.

When your visitors spend more time on your blog,
they will probably spend more time clicking
on your ads, and making you more money

In fact, that’s what statistics and common sense tell us. If you love spending more time with your friends, then it means you increase your chance to do more things altogether, expanding your relationship and taking it to the next level. It is the same case scenario in all the other type of relationship…

  • male-female
  • parent-child
  • blog owner-reader
  • vendor-consumer
  • seller-buyer

When you understand that business, life and marketing is built on and lives on identical principles (trust gaining and relationship building) you will unlock the keys to generating wealth in your life and in other people’s lives.

It is not about the numbers which counts, it is the quality of your content and relationship that is key.

Don’t tell me you have 10k followers if nobody clicks or re-tweets your message.

Don’t tell me you got 3k visitors a day if you nobody joins your list or comments on your blog.

Don’t tell me you’re making $5k a day if you’re not happy with what you do, indeed.

Just recently I noticed something amazing. Upon deciding to write in depth blog posts, I mean, highly-relevant and researched content (remember, as per my content marketing research formula it takes me up to 15 hours to create such articles you’re reading now, from A to Z: research, writing, editing, etc) visitors time spent on the blog doubled and bounce rate cut by 15%.


That means my relevant & awesome content made visitors stick with my blog twice as previous three months alone. Notice: your content has not only to be relevant, but red-hot too.

In both screen shots (before & after)  you’ll notice that around 80% of visitors are new, first-time visitors. This tells a lot about the relevancy and helpfulness of your content. It’s not about you or me, it’s always about THEM (your readers and visitors) – always!

Step #2
Off-page blog SEO

This concept refers to the text and link you utilize to optimize your blog post for, on other relevant blogs, sites and social media channels.

You’re doing off-site SEO whenever you link back to your blog from a YouTube video description, EzineArticles resource box url/hyperlinked key term, or blog comment/”name” field key word.

All these should be highly-targeted. That means if my home page is on-site optimized for “Internet Marketing copywriter”, then I want to make sure all the keyword links and key terms that link back to my home page, or whatever blog post I want to rank for, should utilize this long-tail keyword.

Since I prefer to target 3, 4 and 5 words and not one or two words, I always rank high in Google for relevant key terms. Although I get less traffic, at least all the hundreds key terms I list for in top 3 will outreach the volume of one or two one-word or two-word keywords I’d rank for.

However, ranking for one or two word keywords is a myth, a dream, non sense. Why would you want to do it? First of all: everybody is trying to act dumb online and spend $20+ per generic, short terms, thus competition is fierce. And the traffic is very low quality.

You (I, and others) don’t search for “copywriting” when we want to learn how to write a pitch, but type in “how to write a sales letter”. You probably won’t search for “copywriting guru” if you wanted to hire an IM related copywriter, but type in “Internet Marketing copywriter”. You get the point.

Keep off-page relevant just as you’d do on-page optimization.

How I do off-page blog SEO:

Whenever I comment on highly-relevant blog (posts) I make sure to leave these details:

#1 – My brand name (“Codrut Turcanu” added by @ and a highly-relevant keyword) – I insert the keyword only if the blog allows (hint: look for “CommentLuv” plugin enabled blogs and they should allow such practice)

#2 – My email (in case I want to continue the conversation if other people reply to the post I comment on or if they say something about my own comment)

I always subscribe for “email updates” otherwise I would sound like I go to the party just to eat, drink and say goodby, showing no interest in others, and what they have to say.

Never comment “what a great post, thank you!” but add to the conversation, otherwise, you better leave without commenting at all.

#3 – My blog home page url (or blog post link)

Some blog platforms don’t allow links other than the domain name root url. If you include for e.g. your comment might not reach the moderator.

Whenever you comment on a blog and include such link, make sure it says… “your comment is waiting for moderation” or something like that, otherwise it won’t go through, and you’ll have to write again, and submit it with your domain root link.

Sometimes it shows as “duplicate comment” for the same reason. Wait a few minutes, clear your cookies and comment again, if you really want to leave your feedback on that blog.

How to Access 35 High-Traffic Blogs: reaching a combined 500,000+ growing Audience…

I scoured the web to compile a word document list (“High-Traffic Blogs I Love”) revealing 35 high-popular blogs (LINKS) in the Internet Marketing niche (topics range from blogging, make money online and affiliate marketing) that I follow consistently. I need to keep me up to date on my industry but also I enjoy sharing my wisdom with new crowds.

I spent 30 hours (5 days in row) compiling this list and couldn’t run my blog commenting SEO formula without it. The blogs found inside range from page rank 2 to page rank 6. Content is often updated and the growing number of comments makes these blog communities amazing and fun to interact with.

Some blogs get 100+ of comments per post. You might recognize pro bloggers such as John Chow and Yaro Starak, just to name two of my favorites.  You should see the list, it includes 33 others.

I often visit these blogs (daily and weekly) to share my value-added comments with their respective target audience. If you have a blog that has anything to do with online marketing or “make money online”, SEO or maybe blogging? Then you need to put your hands on the list – or spend 30 hours as I did, hoping to find the exact blogs I’ve found.

I’d say the list is gold nugget even if you’re just promoting affiliate programs, you could participate in the comments section with your short url (e.g. – sign-up, is free!) and re-direct these links to whatever products you’re promoting.

Don’t make the mistake to think this is the same old list of blogs that are ranked in a directory or “TOP” lists…

You won’t find most of these blogs online that easily, unless you want to spend days as I did…

I didn’t add other information inside other than the links, which is enough. To help me save a ton of time when commenting or visiting these blogs, I created a “bookmark” folder in my Firefox browser called “Blogs I Love” and added all the 35 links.

I spend 3 to 5 hours a day, two or three days a week reading and commenting on those blogs. And because I have created this folder, they’re just one click away from me!

Now, if you ask about the DO-follow, you should know…

Some blogs are do-follow, others are not. The majority are CommentLuv enabled so you can benefit from direct visitors that click on your “latest post” links, and not only on your “brand name or keyword”.

A good portion of these blogs are  Twitter profile enabled – meaning they allow your Twitter link, thus increasing your followers count and quality overtime. This option alone brought me new connections and friends that I now frequently email with, guest post and help each others make more money online.

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the quality of your contacts though, and guess what!

I don’t blog comment for the sake of
getting a do-follow back link

I comment because I want to; I like meeting new people, making friends and interacting within these blog communities.

You cannot believe how many connections you could make and how much your traffic will grow!

I cannot resist to SHARE my knowledge, ASK questions, LEARN new things. And this 35 blogs list is what helps me achieve all this and more (including traffic and back-links)

Am I crazy? No. I don’t comment strictly on do-follow blogs. If I do this, I lose my other target audience who is as relevant as on “do-follow” blogs. And I want to reach the target audience in the first place, regardless if a blog is do-follow, or not.

Yup. I love to share what I know with other relevant audiences; I don’t keep it for my blog only. I want more people know what I know, do what I do, and reap the rewards.

If you want my 35 blogs list I can let you have it for only $29, one-time. I spent 30 hours compiling it, and it’s my secret blog commenting weapon. Cannot allow everybody access it, unless they really want it. So a measly $29 is what proves they appreciate my work.

If you want to tap into a growing audience of 500,000+ visitors and blog readers, click here to buy the 35 blogs list (by card or paypal) – you get instant download access (no opt-in list to join!)

I reserve the right to sell my list to 10 people or less, is that precious! Are you one of them?

If you have something to say about my Blog Commenting SEO formula:How I Get Top 3 Google Blog Rankings and Free Blog Traffic, then join the conversation. The ball is in your court now…

P.S. I forgot to mention that my 35 blogs list (“High-Traffic Blogs I Love”) also includes 3 bonus links and I constantly update the document with new high-popular, high-traffic blogs. Some of which you never heard of!

P.P.S. This company offers SEO Consulting if you’re interested in such a service.