You don’t need your own email list to make money online. Whether you buy a 3rd party solo ad or email your in-house mailing list, one thing is for sure: generating sales is like sending resumes. The more jobs you apply for, the higher your chance to get hired (e.g. close the sale).

With each email campaign I tell my clients to write (or hire me to handle the job as an email copywriter) at least 10 email follow-ups (aka pre-sale messages) to entice readers to buy.

Countless marketing tests and my own experience as an email copywriter have shown that I have to remind my readers (audience) several times about the offer, idea or product that I want to convey to them. And 10 is the magic number because 80% of the sales are generated on the 7th contact.

In order to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors, don’t pause at seven emails. Write 10!

Now, pre-selling is like a movie trailer. It has to arouse curiosity and build anticipation about the product or service you’re going to tell them about.

Selling your product in your first or second email is like launching a movie without a trailer. Sales will drop like stars because readers were not prepared in advance. Until you stir your audience’s imagination and curiosity on an emotional-level, you will never prompt them to take action.

When I write emails, I act as a film producer. I know how much light there needs to be in the room and what soundtrack to add in the background. Silent scenes, no fights, no dialogue – impact more than anything else.

What I’m trying to say is simple yet essential: each and every email you write either has to paint a specific picture in the mind of your reader, one they can relate to, or emphasize an idea you want them to think about, and make it their own.

When you do that, sales will follow. Sometimes, orders can strike your inbox like a storm and put a big smile on your face.

For today, I want to leave you with a proven game plan for your next email campaign:

How to get more product or affiliate sales
with each email you send – guaranteed:

     1. Know your audience

Do whatever it takes to discover what your subscribers/leads enjoy buying, what they dislike, what they love to read about, what they hate, what they worry about, what their challenges are – find the relevant information that is related in one way or another to your product or affiliate offer.

     2. Talk to your audience

My best emails were the ones where I interacted with my audience on an emotional, more intimate level — where I shared things about my experience or my clients’ life and struggles that they can relate to.

Talk about fears, challenges and solutions. They need to understand you care about them, and know what they’re going through. And your emails and writing is a reflection of that. That’s the BIG secret, right here!

     3. Pre-sell to your audience

As I mentioned before, if you get your audience to connect with you and build their curiosity in advance regarding what it is you’re selling or promoting, sales are guaranteed to spike – if you do it right.

Pre-selling, pre-selling, pre-selling!

You do not talk about your product, but share ways someone can solve their problems, or reach their goals. And you showcase or introduce your product/service as a solution to their challenge. Plain and simple, yet most people neglect this step, and wonder why sales are non-existent.

     4. Email copywriting

That is half art, half science. You have to have a sound understanding of human psychology – what makes people tick and motivates them to buy the solution they need. You need to know how to connect your solution to their intimate desires and challenges. That is why email copywriting is not easy:

It takes time.

It takes practice.

It takes imagination.

It takes brainstorming.

It takes research.

It takes perseverance.

It takes passion.

It takes a lot more than most people think.

That’s why I love writing emails that pull-in readers, educate and sell. I don’t hype, but rave about what I have found, tested or heard about. Emails that reflect passion are like block-buster movies. They attract hordes of buyers and raving fans.

     5. The secret to closing the sale

Do not strive to sell hard. Soft-selling is the key. That’s why pre-selling is the foundation of email writing. If you build the connection with the audience, and do it right, they will most likely ask to buy from you. All you need is give them the link, or show where to buy your product.

No scarcity, no tricks, no gimmicks.

Sadly, most email marketers, both individuals and companies focus on doing just that: hard-selling their price, their discount, and time-limited offers.

If you want to sound robotic, and deliver “me-too” messages that get little to no sales, then follow what everybody else is doing when it comes to email marketing and follow-up writing.

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Whatever you decide, I hope the quick tips I shared with you will bring far more sales and joy than before, with each new email campaign you engineer. That was my goal with today’s article.

P.S. “An X factor in business is the ability to add intangible value to your product or service. It’s finding a way to do more for your clients than any of your competitors and consistently maintaining that standard.” (Tony Robbins)

Ask yourself… what makes your email and offer different among competitors? Add that in your messages!