Email Copywriter for Hire Makes You Money. Get 5 Emails Written, 20% OFF Guaranteed!

Email Copywriter

Makes You Money. Get 5 Emails Written, 20% OFF Guaranteed!

I have written 1,000’s of emails, follow-ups and pre-sell messages to help myself and my clients launch, re-launch and promote products and affiliate offers.

I have the skills, the passion and the insider knowledge to connect an audience with your OFFER as the best or most efficient solution to their current, most pressing problems, challenges or goals.

Check out some of the raving emails I got from clients (as an email copywriter I am always looking to help more people and their business, thus expanding my portfolio)

“… $8,000 in additional revenue”

“I’m very happy to work with Codrut. He has written many of the emails and copywriting work for me. He has always delivered the tasks in the time and has been always quick in his work. I think he has got the born talent to write which is what set him apart from others. He can write any materials within much less time and better than what others can come up with in that time frame.

The ideas and projects I worked on with Codrut produced approximately speaking $8,000 in additional revenue “

Pawan Agrawal – – CEO,

“…$1,452 in additional sales, within a week”

“I have known Codrut for 3 months as a business and sales consultant for our company and can say he is really an expert in the Internet marketing niche. He gave us many ideas and strategies which helped us put our business on a new level. We started by introducing the “follow-up” technique which we have never used before and which brought us 33 new clients, meaning $1,452 in additional sales, within a week. Furthermore, Codrut developed income-boosting strategies specifically for our company and helped us tweak most of our product pages and sales pages and we estimate that brought us more leads and $500 in extra sales.

It is a pleasure to work with Codrut and we are extremely happy with the results. Codrut approaches his work in a highly competent manner and brings a wide range of experience and ideas to solving problems, often in an innovative manner for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.“

Julia Gulevich (G-Lock Software)

“I got 6 sales so far from those emails you wrote”

“Codrut –

The 21-email series you’ve done is perfect! Each one makes a unique statement which leads the reader into the next of the email series, keeps them interested and prepares them to buy. It’s a subtle psychology you clearly understand and use well to develop customers and create sales.

Great job!

UPDATE – I got 6 sales so far from those emails you wrote for the page!”

Jean L. Serio

“At first I was a little skeptical
to lay down some cash for email copy …”

“Hi Codrut,

Many thanks for the awesome emails I just received from you! At first I was a little skeptical to lay down some cash for email copy without seeing some samples… and then I thought… hold it a second… I am reading YOUR emails and love your style, content and flow… so if you wrote a series of emails for me just like yours… they would be absolutely great. And they were!

I can hardly wait to start a new campaign with these and know my leads will open the email when they see your subject lines. And they will read the entire message too! I expect some huge numbers to show up as opt-ins as a result of your finely crafted emails…

Codrut, to my surprise you had these completed in a few days and formatted ready to put in to my auto responder. Great work! You can be sure I will be back for more of this great copy as my business continues to grow.

To Our Success!”

Dennis Goff

“…that piece of information will be worth thousands of $
to me hopefully millions over the course of my business life”

“Codrut wrote 7 great follow up emails for me. i had a real bad case of writers block not knowing what my follow up emails should say.

So you can imagine how stupid i felt after codrut explained that you should always use the same information in your sales letter for your follow up emails to  turn your prospects into customers.

And it makes perfect sense when you think about it. that piece of information will be worth thousands of $ dollars to me hopefully millions over the course of my business life.

Thanks  codrut”

James Stavely

“I do appreciate the speed of your response
and will continuously use your services”

“Hi Codrut,

Thank you for the emails you sent me. I have started using them in my promotions and hopefully I will soon see the results. I do appreciate the speed of your response and will continuously use your services. I am very impressed at your style of doing business on the internet. Certainly your advise is extreemly useful and encouraging.

To Your continued success”

Emmanuel Mba

If you want to boost your sales, then contact me with your email writing needs and I’ll send you a quote!

I charge $100 per email write, and I suggest you order at least 7 emails because statistics and my own marketing tests always prove one fact: it takes 7 contacts to generate 80% of the sales.

If you need 5 emails, then my fee is only $400, instead of the regular $500. For 5 emails order I give you 20% OFF!

If you need 7 emails, then I only request $490, instead of the regular $700. For 7 emails order I give you 30% OFF!

You’re 100% thrilled and satisfied with the emails I write for you, or I’ll edit them once again, to meet your goals – that is my promise as an email copywriter.

Plus, order today and I’ll throw in 30 days free PREMIUM consulting by e-mail ($499 VALUE) where you can ask me anything you want on email marketing and how to squeeze the maximum profit from your campaign.

I am here to help if you need a dedicated email copywriter to stimulate your list to buy more (and often).

My email copywriting skill is not a cost but a return on investment, always!


P.S. Here are some email samples I wrote for a client you can inspect as you wish:

Sample #1Sample #2 –  Sample #3Sample #4Sample #5