Top 100 Blogs to Read for First Time Bloggers

Top 100 Blogging Blogs

You’re here because you’re interested to learn about blogging… maybe you’ve already got a hosting deal for your blog… or you’re looking to find one. That’s the first and most important step to starting a blog. Regardless, this article features the top 100 blogs to read for blogging beginners.

Great Hosting Deal for 1st Time Bloggers

I am excited to introduce you to 100+ veteran and pro bloggers… and their top 3 articles on blogging related topics such design, hosting, content, marketing, promotion, traffic and writing.

Here’s how I selected the featured bloggers:

  • They had to have a blogging related blog and write from their own experience
  • They had to have a Twitter account and a growing following
  • They had to be active on social media and/or on their blog

They were placed in no particular order, other than how I have found about them and felt to include.

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Enjoy and spread the love!

Tiffany is run by Tiffany Griffin

~ Helping bloggers grow their blog through design, blogging tips, and resources. Download your FREE blog goodies

If you run a blog or website, it’s important that you know who your readers are, and what they like.

Top recommended articles:

Lisa is run by Lisa Irby

~ I make money online and will teach you how to do the same. One tip at a time. Follow and be inspired.

All these bloggers are great examples of how your blog can be used to humanize your brand so people don’t forget there is an actual person behind the site.

Top recommended articles:

Adam is run by Adam Connell

~ I help entrepreneurs reach more people online. Founder of @BloggingWizard. Fan of Firefly and Chinese takeaways.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the benefits of guest blogging won’t take hold immediately – it takes time, determination, hard work and a lot of patience.

Top recommended articles:

Adrienne is run by Adrienne Smith

~ Mom to Kayla l BIG People Person l Serious Brownie Lover l Former Blogger | Help local businesses

Most people get into blogging for the pure enjoyment of it but as they go along they start to think, huh!!! You know, I could probably make some money doing this because I’m sharing SO much awesome information.

Top recommended articles: is run by Neena

~ Practical to a fault. Creative wannabe. Constant tug of war. But I love it. (link:…

But don’t forget – no matter what topic you choose, it is always more fun if you are passionate about the subject matter.

Top recommended articles:

Amanda is run by Amanda Schoedel

~ Creator of websites / Lover of WordPress / Eater of tasty food / Listener of good music / Wife of @slimschoedel

Whatever plugin you choose, take time to read the documentation and configure the settings. This will ensure that you’re getting the most out of it.

Top recommended articles:

Gael is run by Gael Breton

~ Authority Hacker is teaching you how to grow authority sites ethically yet efficiently.

Once you start making money online, you’ll have to spend back a large chunk of it if you want to keep making money, it works that way for most offline businesses and blogging is no different.

Top recommended articles:

Bill is run by Bill Achola

~ I’m neither a Millionaire nor a superstar, nor will I pretend to post fancy photos to make you think I’m the REAL MAN.

Generating search engine traffic to your blog is not about learning search engines algorithms and doing things that make you a better writer, but understanding how people think.

Top recommended articles:

Matt is run by Matt Banner

~ Author of Here to help guide and inspire bloggers (and those who have yet to become one!) Need help? Just reach out!

The thing that most people forget, is that content is written for their followers, not for search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Top recommended articles:

Kristie is run by Kristie Hill

~ Helping make your blogging life easier with WordPress, social media, and blogging tips. Pinterest addict. #genesiswp fan.

So here is my number one tip to branding your blog for success: be consistent.

Top recommended articles:

Will is run by Will Blunt

~ Helping marketers (virtual entrepreneurs and small businesses) get more traffic, leads and revenue; by taking the stress out of blogging.

A great blog manager is someone who understands and appreciates where your business is headed as a whole. They are there to serve your needs, not simply complete a task.

Top recommended articles:

Amanda is run by Amanda Northern

~ Build Your Blog Into A Biz Using Social Media. Join my FB Community-

If you really want to set yourself up for success, plan, plan, plan!

Top recommended articles:

Ramsay is run by Ramsay Taplin

~ Sold a blog for 5-figures in college. Now helping bloggers from my couch. Here’s a 9,000 word guide to blogging…

If you are going to start a new blog in 2016 it’s a good idea to start making connections with the big blogs and bloggers in your niche as soon as you can. I’m not talking about spamming them with guest post requests either – I’m talking about making genuine friends that can support each other for the long term.

Top recommended articles:

Bob is run by Bob Dunn

~ WordPress blogger, podcaster, and educator. Host at Do The Woo Podcast ( #WordPress #woocommerce #ecommerce

If you see—and write about—the world in a different way, you will wake your readers up.

Top recommended articles:

Brian is run by Brian Clark

~ CEO of Rainmaker Digital, founder of, host of, curator of

Effective marketing funnels are now essential for growing any kind of digital commerce business. If you would like to sell more to your existing customers, and have those customers stick around longer, then you also need to develop a better funnel strategy.

Top recommended articles:

Brian is run by Brian Jackson

~ Inbound marketer who loves #SEO, blogging, content marketing, SaaS, #webperf, WordPress & growth hacking. Inbound @keycdn Blogger @mywoorkup Mod /r/perfmatters

The web is constantly evolving and people are demanding and expecting more and more from websites when they go searching for information. We live in an inpatient age where people get frustrated even if a page even takes more than a couple seconds to load.

Top recommended articles:

Matteo is run by Matthew Lomis

~ I help new bloggers find freedom and reach their dreams. Follow my Dummy Proof Steps and build a quality website today. IM me on the site.

Like any social interaction, you just need to be social. Be friendly, open, and willing to get out of your comfort zone.

Top recommended articles:

Carrie is run by Carrie Dils

~ I’m a believer & a wife. I do cool things with #WordPress, host the @officehoursfm podcast, and teach at @lynda. I’m taller in real life.

When you consistently give away high-quality, helpful content targeted to your ideal lead, you build a good reputation. You build trust.

Top recommended articles:

Chris is run by Chris Lema

~ Leader & Manager. Storyteller & Blogger. Conference Speaker. (link: Creator of #CaboPress. #leadership #memberships #WordPress

Personally, it’s my opinion that if you really need a great slider, just buy a commercial one that doesn’t destroy the interface of the plugin trying to make some money.

Top recommended articles:

Ionut is run by Ionut Neagu

~ Our professional coders convert your design into a high-quality, cross-browser compatible W3C Valid WordPress Theme.

Links play a major role in overall ranking. Let’s say that your average loading time is 10 seconds, and all of your competitors’ sites load in only 5 seconds. But you have 100 links and they have only 50 links. Considering the link value equal, who do you think will rank #1?

Top recommended articles: is run by Marianna

~ Blogging + Career Tips for the Millennial Woman. Grab a cup of coffee and click on the link for FREE advice on growing your brand ►►►

In reality, however, the business blogging world is quite reluctant to publish and especially share a truly unique piece of content. The same is even truer for content that might be written from a point of view that does not conform to the mainstream one.

Top recommended articles:

Loz is run by Loz James

~ Copywriter, content marketer, husband & father. Become a #contentmarketing champion in your online business. Join our new Academy:

You need to make sure that EVERY piece of content walks your reader down the path closer to their desired outcome.

Top recommended articles:

Daniela is run by Daniela Uslan

~ I help #bloggers find their superpowers, define their voices, and grow their audiences. Join my FB group for bloggers:

When you blog, you’re basically competing with the entire internet to get people to love you. And it feels really hard. Just like you don’t have to get every man (or woman) to love you, you don’t have to get everyone on the internet to love you either. Just your people.

Top recommended articles:

Daniel is run by Daniel Scocco

~ Programmer / Entrepreneur

To successfully monetise your blog, you’ll need to employ a variety of techniques including pay-per-click advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate links.

Top recommended articles:

David is run by David Risley

~ ProBlogger, Internet Entrepreneur. I Show Bloggers How To Generate A Full Time Income Online and Turn Their Passion Into a Solid, Profitable Business.

Making money with your blog isn’t a matter of choosing some “technique”. Really, it is a matter of setting up what amounts to a real business, where the blog is designed to attract your ideal customer and send them straight into your money-making machine.

Top recommended articles:

Dawud is run by Dawud Miracle

~ I build #WordPress #websites for men & women whose business is to help others & make a difference in the world. Teach #marketing and I #StopWebOverwhelm

Each person who visits your website are looking for something specific. They’re looking for an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. Your website must guide each visitor to find what they’re looking for.

Top recommended articles:

David is run by David Boozer

~ Internet Marketing Coach, Author & Blogger. Coffee Addict. Father. Husband. Believer. And yes, Bigfoot lives in my backyard. #internetmarketingcoach #blogger

Don’t wait, you do not need more infographics or stories to read to start getting things done, just do.

Top recommended articles:

Dennis is run by Dennis Seymour

~ Full Stack SEO | Digital Marketer | #Muggle Born | @LeapFroggr Co-Founder | Instagram, Anchor.Fm, Snapchat @denseymour

Fact is, guest posting is still alive and well. It works. People still do it. Companies still reach out to other bloggers just to get word out about their event or product. Even more so today with the popularity of influencer and blogger outreach.

Top recommended articles:

Devesh is run by Devesh Sharma

~ I’m an 21 year old blogger, Internet marketer, WordPress fanatic, and founder of

The important thing to understand is that each user has different freedoms and restrictions when it comes to accessing the WordPress site.

Top recommended articles:

Devin is run by Devin Price

~ WordPress aficionado living in Austin, Texas.

If a developer wanted to build additional background image options, the simplest option would be to take the same route: register four settings, load four controls, add custom javascript to show/hide fields if an image is set. Repeat as needed.

Top recommended articles:

Donna is run by Donna Merrill

~ Blogging and Internet Marketing Coach, #blogging Follow

When you are constantly in touch with your niche and with your particular audience, you should have your finger on the pulse of what is important to them… and more than that, of what is critical to them.

Top recommended articles:

Top 100 Blogging Blogs 2

Doug is run by Doug Yuen

~ Web design in a day specialist. Website: WordPress designer/developer, world traveler, and marathoner. Podcast:

You might think that once you install WordPress, choose a theme and plugins, and add in your content, you’re done. But that’s only the beginning.

Top recommended articles:

Dustin is run by Dustin Hartzler

~ Husband and Father. Happiness Engineer at @Automattic. WordPress Enthusiast. Obsessed with Apple gadgets. Enjoy Traveling & Outdoor Activities.

With more than 43,000 plugins in the WordPress repository, it’s hard to find the perfect one. Each week, I will highlight an interesting plugin form the repository.

Top recommended articles:

Nicholas is run by Nicholas Scalice

~ Helping businesses get more traffic, leads, sales, and referrals, using the best #InboundMarketing tools and tactics. Tweets by @nscalice

If you don’t have a niche, you don’t have a blog. Blogs need to be about something specific. You need to have a laser-like focus on one area or another.

Top recommended articles:

Emily is run by Emily Journey

~ National WordPress Trainer. Dog Lover. Tweeting ideas for success!

Having a site that loads quickly is also a plus in the eyes of Google because Google considers site speed as a ranking factor.

Top recommended articles:

Jon is run by Jon Dykstra

~ I teach others how to build profitable authority sites

I’m NOT suggesting you turn your website into a content mill where you pump out junk. The key is publishing awesome content that does well on social media and will rank for intended keywords.

Top recommended articles:

Garrett is run by Garrett Moon

~ Co-Founder at @CoSchedule. Starter, leader, designer, blogger, front-end dev, dad, husband, Christ follower. #DoWhatYouLove #GoCubs

When you focus on semantics like definitions, you focus your energy on internal processes that don’t directly benefit your audience.

Top recommended articles:

Greg is run by Greg Narayan

~ Just a 27 year old guy who answers #blogging questions each morning over a coffee. Make a @WordPress blog with us and join the club.

The silver lining is that you always have options in life. Step back, and take a deep breath.

Top recommended articles:

Delia is run by Delia Rusu

~ Blog Coaching and WordPress Training for Women Bloggers and Entrepreneurs // We Love Family and Coffee // Let’s connect on Facebook:…

Don’t be afraid to stop doing things that don’t work.

Top recommended articles:

Helena is run by Helena Denley

~ Co-owner of @wpwebcoach helping solopreneurs with #WordPress & #Genesiswp. Writer and #Unschooling Mum.

Building your site on the wrong host is like building a house on unstable soil.

Top recommended articles:

James is run by James McAllister

~ The guy behind HelpStartMySite. I’ve been making a living online since 2012.

I believe that every human on Earth wants to connect with other humans on a meaningful level.

Top recommended articles:

Krista is run by Krista Rae

~ WP dev + blog strategist. I help creatives elevate their biz, increase conversions, and boost engagement by crafting strategic blogs. Ice cream accepted as $$.

Crowded niches got that way for a reason: they work. Your best bet for succeeding with your blog is to find a subject lots of people are blogging about, and then start a blog about the exact same subject.

Top recommended articles:

Brian D. is run by Brian D. Hawkins

~ Experienced Blogger – influence & relationship driven. Love content creation, social media marketing and blogging. SnapChat: hotblogtips

Miss any one of those three elements (good product, reasonable price, and great value), you’re going to suffer long term. The reason is reputation and influence.

Top recommended articles:

Dom is run by Dom Wells

~ We teach people how to succeed with niche marketing websites and offer our own websites for sale. Find us at

Make sure what you write is accurate, clear, coherent, and even concise (so don’t take this 1200 word article as an example). After that, worry about how you’re going to promote it and what your next article is going to be about, and move on.

Top recommended articles:

Ileane is run by Ileane Smith

~ Blogger, Podcaster, YouTuber, Social Media Diva! Find Your Voice. Capture Your Audience.

People often overlook the fact that the articles must not only be well-written, but also relevant and interesting. This is the only way to spark attention and direct some traffic your way.

Top recommended articles:

Istiak is run by Istiak Rayhan

~ A Blogger, A Student Studying MBA, A Thinker, An Introvert.

Affiliate marketing takes time. If someone tells you that he will make you multi-millionaire overnight, he is lying to your face.

Top recommended articles:

Renee is run by Renee Groskreutz

~ Wild about #WordPress & podcasting about backend of blogging for biz. Love dry red wine, TV & helping ppl make blog magic happen.

As a blogger, I live with my WordPress dashboard open. Therefore, I quickly notice when someone has left me a comment.

Top recommended articles:

Jane is run by Jane Sheeba

~ I’m here to help you achieve a successful business and life. Yes BOTH.

The internet is a very busy place. People are in a hurry looking for something. If they land on your site (through any means) and if they don’t like what they see they are going to leave your site.

Top recommended articles:

Jason is run by Jason Tucker

~ † #WordPress #WebDev Wife @JenTucker Ramblings are my own

Top recommended articles:

Jeff is run by Jeff Stephens

~ Dad | Blogger | Podcaster | Founder | Day Job = CTO | Get access to free content and a blogging guide with 200+ tools!

Make sure you put a little blurb about yourself, preferably with a picture, so they get a chance to put a person with the content.

Top recommended articles:

Jonathan is run by Jon Milligan

~ I’m a blogger who helps people. Blogging since 2009. Full-time blogger since 2011. Family man. Christ follower.

Making a bold statement at the beginning of a blog post can get the conversation going. You can tease the reader for what is about to come later in your chapter or post.

Top recommended articles:

Jon is run by Jon Morrow

~ CEO of Smart Blogger, Former Editor at Copyblogger

To most of the world, blogging is a joke.

Top recommended articles:

Josh is run by Josh Pollock

~ I make WordPress plugins at @CalderaWP, @IngotHQ I teach WordPress at & @TheTorqueMag Part of @thewpcrowd

Coffee is a personal responsibility, but learning how to better know and empower our users — that is community responsibility. It’s worth the time, money and effort to do it right.

Top recommended articles:

Thomas is run by Thomas Griffin

~ Founder of Soliloquy ( ) and Co-Founder of OptinMonster ( ). Lover of Jesus, my wife and WordPress. Scratch golfer.

The majority of our customers are digital marketers and business owners. Infusionsoft is one our most popular integrations, and Infusionsoft is not cheap.

Top recommended articles:

Kathleen O� is run by Kathleen O’ Celmins

~ Writer. Blogger. Partner at . Editor of . Main tinkerer at

The value of your content upgrade doesn’t have to be measured by its weight in gold; in fact, that’s often the wrong way to go about things.

Top recommended articles:

Kathryn is run by Kathryn Aragon

~ Content Strategist and Consultant at Kathryn Aragon Media, where content meets conversion.

You shouldn’t settle for text-only content, no matter how good your writing is. For maximum engagement, you need to translate your words and ideas into visual experiences.

Top recommended articles:

Kevin is run by Kevin J. Duncan

~ Want to be a better #blogger? I can help with that. I serve a great God, love a great wife, and create things that are sometimes great

Small bloggers can earn very well.

Top recommended articles:

Kristi is run by Kristi Hines

~ Freelance writer, content marketer, and business blogger. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified. Learn more at

Whether you are creating content yourself, developing it in-house, or outsourcing it to freelance writers, you will need a steady flow of blog post ideas to keep your publishing schedule steady.

Top recommended articles:

Brian is run by Brian Krogsgard

~ I’m the editor of @post_status, a website for WordPress professionals.

Every piece of WordPress functionality — data that can be read, created, updated, or deleted.

Top recommended articles:

Kulwant is run by Kulwant Nagi

~ #Entrepreneur, Internet #Marketer, #Blogger, #Writer, #Digital Marketer, and #Blogging Expert. Founder of @BloggingCage

Every visitor is a different person. Maybe, a reader lands on your blog, and looking for a solution, and finds your tutorial on that topic…

Top recommended articles:

Top 100 Blogging Blogs 3

Shawn is run by Shawn Hesketh

~ Creator of @WP101, the premier WordPress video tutorial series for beginners. Married to the sexy @khesketh, and GeekDad to three kids.

If you’re successful at creating a “Wow!“ experience for your members, they’ll want to tell someone else about your product.

Top recommended articles: is run by Luke Jordan

~ I Google things. SEO person of @boomweb.

If you started a blog and wrote an absolute monster of an evergreen post – that’s a post that’s suitable all year round – then you potentially have a post you can promote time and time again; this could become a steady earner without even needing to write anything else if it picked up enough traction.

Top recommended articles:

Laura is run by Laura Roeder

~ in love with small businesses using the web to take matters into their own hands. founder of LKR & @meetedgar

Promos! Promos are awesome! They’re how you spread the word about whatever it is you offer, whether it’s a paid product or a freebie you’re giving away.

Top recommended articles:

Luke is run by Luke Kling

~ Director of Marketing, @PeerFly. Owner:

We know that building quality links to your websites has a large influence on where you show on Google.

Top recommended articles:

Lynn is run by Lynn Terry

~ Professional Blogger, Super Affiliate, Working online over 18 years, author of and

When you get a content idea, draft it right in WordPress.

Top recommended articles:

Ashley is run by Ashley Faulkes

~ Helping Solopreneurs and Online Businesses get more customers through awesome websites, SEO and content. Also loving Instagram

From reviewing over 200,000 tweets it was found that action words (verbs) and adverbs get far more retweets than nouns and adjectives.

Top recommended articles:

Marianne is run by Marianne

~ I teach + inspire creative solopreneurs how to make their blogs more beautiful. Join the community ! Married to @ifitnessvida Mom to 4yo

The best thing about CSS is that is allows you to make global style changes.

Top recommended articles:

Marko is run by Marko Saric

~ Advisor and blogger at I write about content marketing, social media and blogging.

Quality content is not reporting on and repeating what everyone else is talking about.

Top recommended articles:

Matteo is run by Matteo Duo

~ Content Strategist & Digital Consultant in love with Startups, WordPress & Storytelling

Managing your online presence is difficult, not only because you need to create great content, pay attention to your SEO and keywords, but also because there are plenty of people stealing what you’ve sweat your guts out on just with a couple of click or via automated techniques (like scraping via RSS feed).

Top recommended articles:

Matt is run by Matt Report

~ A WordPress business podcast & web show for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and the like. Evil twin to @mattmedeiros

I can teach you to land more $10,000 clients, but you might not like the overhead that comes with it.

Top recommended articles:

Matthew is run by Matthew Woodward

~ Award winning blogger. Learn how to build a top 100 blog with me

The natural backlinks don’t come easy and in most cases they don’t come at all. Would you link to a site like that?

Top recommended articles:

Mike is run by Mike Allton

~ Content Marketing Practitioner. SiteSell CMO. HootSuite Pro & Author. Specialties include #Blogging, #SocialMedia and #minestrone.

LinkedIn is certainly a good choice for the experiment, since you’ll be able to see all of your Posts side-by-side and gauge which ones achieved the most views, likes, comments and shares.

Top recommended articles:

Michael is run by Michael Pozdnev

~ Inspired by #SEO, #Content #Marketing. I am the founder of . Here’s my free eBook: 101 SEO Tips and Tricks

More than 2 million blog posts are written each day. What strategy should we use to stand out? My answer is to analyze the best people and their material!

Top recommended articles:

Janice is run by Janice Wald

~ A teacher and blogger My blog:

If you run a business selling futuristic digital picture frames, you’re not going to write about the Kardashians.

Top recommended articles:

Naomi is run by Naomi Dunford

~ I support business owners during times of significant growth. Because growth is great, but also REALLY HARD. Unschooler. INFJ. Pisces with Aries rising.

A lot of people want to freshen up their website, but aren’t ready to commit to the sometimes gruelling process of a redesign.

Top recommended articles:

Chrystie is run by Chrystie Vachon

~ Mom of 3. I’ve sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years and now I help other moms build their blogging empire.

Once you figure out what your readers like, you should start creating more of that type of content.

Top recommended articles:

Neil is run by Neil Patel

~ Entrepreneur, investor & influencer. Columnist for Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post & more. Founded @CrazyEgg with @hnshah.

If changing the communication style can be so powerful for communicating key sales messages, imagine how much more powerful they can be to get your readers to read your work.

Top recommended articles:

Doug is run by Doug Cunnington

~ Founder of Niche Site Project, helping people create & monetize niche websites by helping them achieve their goals with project management best practices.

If you can find the right thing to work on, the high priority task, then you can chip away at your goals day by day, a minute at a time, without feeling overwhelmed.

Top recommended articles:

Mario is run by Mario Y. Peshev

~ CEO & WordPress Architect @WPDevriX. #WordPress Core Contributor, Avid Debugger, Growth Strategist & Open Sourcerer. Tech Trainer, Cofficer & Justice Zealot.

Customers try to get on their project specifications and compare different companies based on budgets and delivery dates. I’ve always found that to be a comparison between apples and cucumbers.

Top recommended articles:

Andrea is run by Andrea Whitmer

~ Owner of Nuts and Bolts Media and Emoji Master at WP Site Care. I build #WordPress websites (on #genesiswp of course!).

If you’re a blogger hoping to get noticed by brands, whether you want to write reviews, obtain sponsorships, or just gain recognition in your niche, this is an absolute must-have that will simplify your blogging life.

Top recommended articles:

Pat is run by Pat Flynn

~ Lead by example. Be honest. Hold nothing back.

When I think of other successful bloggers who have made an impact on my life, they each utilize the case study and how-to post quite often and quite beautifully.

Top recommended articles:

Jon is run by Jon Haver

~ After paying off $23.5k in student loans over 3 years I have become inspired to help others pay off their debt. Random student loan facts to follow…

Useful content is the single most important factor in determining your websites success (but not the only).

Top recommended articles:

Darren is run by Darren Rowse

~ Speaker, Author, Blogger, Podcaster & Founder of @ProBlogger, @ProbloggerEvent & @DigitalPS. Husband to @Stylensh. Blogger/Ambassador for @WorldVisionAus

Ideas can be elusive and trending subject matter can be hard to nail down.

Top recommended articles:

Jason is run by Jason Resnick

~ web developer { WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, Gravity Forms }, podcast co-host { @WPDevTable }, freelancer, husband, JasonResnick on Snapchat

Users have absolutely no patience when it comes to a slow website. If your page takes longer than three seconds to load, you’ll lose 40% of your visitors.

Top recommended articles:

Robert is run by Robert Mening

~ Freelance web developer & designer. I love gaming and coding

WordPress – Best pick for beginners, works well for small to medium sized websites, blogs and stores.

Top recommended articles:

Ryan is run by Ryan Biddulph

~ Blogging from Paradise guy. Author of 125 eBooks. Traveler. Featured on Virgin and Forbes. …

I had SO much fun creating the Fundamentals course that I went and recorded a bonus audio course.

Top recommended articles:

Jamie is run by Jamie Spencer

~ My easy to follow guides will show you how to start a blog or website using WordPress and start making money online.

Just be aware that even a small mistake in htaccess can cause big changes to your site, so keep track of all the changes you make so that you can undo them if you need to.

Top recommended articles:

Harsh is run by Harsh Agrawal

~ Award winning internet marketing blog. Online since 2008.A blog for Bloggers and SEO lovers.Check us @

An interesting feature of the theme is its top list creator facility. By using this feature, you can create top offers, or create list of top posts.

Top recommended articles:

Simon is run by Simon Kelly

~ WordPress Consultant and founder of @RenegadeEmpire

The blog title, images and heading structure all play a significant role in how well that post will perform.

Top recommended articles:

Syed is run by Syed Naimath

~ Serial Entrepreneur. Co-Founder and Marketing Lead at @Plugmatter and @Foundora.

Like most plugin developers, our aim was simply to have a great-working WordPress plugin that helps people, and could make us money by doing so.

Top recommended articles:

Mike is run by Mike Wallagher

~ Learn how to start your OWN blog. Guide by Mike Wallagher

Blogging is actually really-really easy. The hardest part is setting it up

Top recommended articles:

Sue Anne is run by Sue Anne Dunlevie

~ Build a profitable blog. Simplified. Follow me for a free eBook on How To Attract 1000 Subscribers in 30 Days

No matter how you start, pretty soon you figure out you are an entrepreneur. You aren’t just a blogger – you now have a blogging business.

Top recommended articles:

Mindy is run by Mindy Iannelli

~ WordPress Developer and Educator, helping to create your online presence, educate you on how to manage it and empower you to take control.

Purchasing images can be costly, but there are some very reasonably priced websites out there that you can get wonderful pictures from!

Top recommended articles:

Arbaz is run by Arbaz Khan

~ Hi there, I am Arbaz Khan, a blogger by passion and a future engineer by mistake. You can catch me on my blog and know more about me.

Web hosting is the very first requirement when it comes to starting your blog. If you are not able to decide on the best hosting service, then you are going to face a lot of problems.

Top recommended articles:

Adam is run by Adam Toren

~ Adam Toren is a writer @Entrepreneur award winning Author, Entrepreneur, digital marketer, advisor & life enthusiast. Co-Founder of @YoungEnt

A business blog is not an option. Here is the place where you can do so many things. You can educate your audience; you can entertain your audience; you can inspire your audience, and you can convert your audience.

Top recommended articles:

Dan is run by Dan Norris

~ Co-founder of @WPCurve @blackhopsbeer speaker & bestselling author of #contentmachine & #7daystartup. @thedannorris on Snapchat.

To quickly produce more content, start chatting up your various internal departments.

Top recommended articles:

Dee is run by Dee Teal

~ Master of Digital Communication and Culture (USYD), Web Developer, Freelancer, WordPress Trainer & Genesis Junkie, Copyright Issue observer – wears a tiara

Word Press isn’t built by itself. It isn’t built by a corporation, and it isn’t build by one person. WordPress is being built by a community. A community of people just like you.

Top recommended articles:

Tom is run by Tom Watts

~ #Blogger from England, living in Canada. I blog about #blogging, #SEO, #SocialMedia. Monday lover, coffee consumer. The glass is half full. #BlogAtom.

Your motivation when guest posting should be so that when people read it they’re inclined to check the author (YOU) out and visit your site.

Top recommended articles:

Fabrizio Van is run by Fabrizio Van Marciano

~ Proud father of two, professional blogger Graphic and WordPress Website Designer at Magnet4Blogging.

Always backup your WordPress site, and make copies of any page or file that you’re going to makes changes to.

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Bishal is run by Bishal Biswas

~ Award Winning Internet Marketer & Writer, helping companies to grow organically.

Bloggers who make money through blogging either have a strategical plan or else they treat it like their business. And if you’re not doing so, you’d not be making money through blogging – that’s the truth.

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Vova is run by Vova Feldman

~ Entrepreneur ~ Helping #WordPress #Plugin #Developers monetize with @Freemius ~ Founder at @RatingWidget ~ Developer of @bestfreewpplug

We are left pretty much blind to the churn rate of our plugins.

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Jim is run by Jim Wang

~ Founder of,, entrepreneur, and seeker of interesting stories

In the ten years since, I would say that blogging as a business has seen a lot of ups and downs. It’s still a viable business model, with some caveats, but it’s a much tougher business today than it was just a few years ago.

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Lucy is run by Lucy Beer

~ WordPress training. Customer support at WP Rocket – the most user-friendly caching plugin for WordPress.

Using WordPress best practices means that if you are building the site for someone else to maintain, or if you will have someone else helping you in the future, they won’t have be Sherlock Holmes to figure out how the site works.

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2 Ways To Safely Customize Your WordPress Site Without A Child Them

The 3 Most Customizable, Free WordPress Themes

Holiday Discounts on WordPress Learning, Themes, Hosting & Plugins

Syed is run by Syed Balkhi

~ WPBeginner is the largest unofficial #WordPress resource site offering WordPress tips, tricks, and other resources.

More than 75% of users visiting your website will never see it again. This is why the first thing you should do is start building an email list.

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Peter is run by Peter Nilsson

~ WP Daily Themes is all about WordPress..

What makes a blog successful and worth paying a visit to? People spend time on blogs or websites which are both informative and easy to use and navigate.

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Chris is run by Chris Lee

~ SEO and niche site strategist

What I look for in a theme? Obviously, design is the main factor.

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