"Codrut is a true professional and provides incredible content writing and expertise"

β€œCodrut is a true professional and provides incredible content writing and expertise. He is also able to provide consulting on necessary content projects that helps our company make the best decision as it relates to content focused initiatives. 

I highly recommend Codrut and you would be wise to use him for any and all content marketing needs.”

Robb Fahrion

Partner & Co-founder @ Flying V Group


For SaaS brands, marketing agencies & content teams looking to:

β˜‘οΈ Attract, Engage and Convert New SaaS Users & Marketing Clients into raving fans
β˜‘οΈ Drive 3x-30x more targeted search traffic & boost SEO ranks
β˜‘οΈ Gain a consistent lead flow from organic search, more visibility + better conversions
β˜‘οΈ Increase ARR, KPIs, and ROI results
β˜‘οΈ Generate higher-paying clients & longer-term deals
β˜‘οΈ Scale Sales & Marketing Team Effort

As a God-led content creator, copywriter + inbound marketing agency owner, my personal B2B brand vision, mission, and value is to provide businesses with:

➑️ Top premium, high-performing, high-quality content

➑️ At the most affordable cost for clients who value Long-term ROI

I specialize in writing 3 High-Performing Content Types 🎯

πŸŽβ†’ Long-form blog posts & guest articles
(2000 - 20,000+ words per post/article)


πŸŽβ†’ Lead magnets like Listicles and How-to Guides
(5000+ words per lead magnet)

See samples below - click on cover image to read the content. 

"33 Best Lead Magnets to Grow Your Business"

Listicle Lead Magnet

I created this 68-page PDF guide for an agency client to bring awareness to lead magnets' advantages & benefits.

"Content Marketing and SEO ROI: How Content and SEO Drive the Highest Quality Leads in 2021"

How-to lead magnet

This was originally a blog post I created for an agency client; I created the graphic & PDF for example purpose only.

"He went above and beyond all expectations"

"Codrut is very thorough, very enthusiastic about what he does and is very enjoyable to work with.

He went above and beyond all expectations and did a lot more than I expected in the job I hired him for. I highly recommend working with him."

Jason Spencer

Agency owner @ Revenue-growth.com



πŸŽβ†’ Email onboard/welcome series, drip campaigns, and cold outreach
(100+ words per email)


"If you're looking for an email copywriter who can craft compelling emails for your company that are on brand, mimic your brand voice, and compel subscribers to engage, hire Codrut."

β€œHe's a gifted copywriter with a knack for email marketing content strategy, taking content that's already been created across other platforms and whipping up a masterful email sequence tailored for your audience.

Codrut is detail-oriented, responds quickly, collaborates well via email, asks the right question, and definitely saved me at least 30-40 hours of email marketing work on our last project.

I look forward to working with him again on my next email campaign!”

Mindi Rosser

Social Media Marketing Strategist @ MindiRosser.com



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βœ”οΈ C.O.D.R.U.T. stands for "Creating Outstanding Digital Results Using Teams."

➑️ Born to Build Brave and Bright Brands.

🀝 Intuitive I Savvy I Creative I Energetic I Meticulous.

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