Rapid Rewriter Review: Spin One Article Into Hundreds, Save Time, Earn Money!

This Rapid Rewriter review talks on how to focus your attention on producing hundreds of high-quality article versions from a single article, thus saving you time and money!

What Rapid Rewriter is all About
and Why You Should Care
– Product Overview –

Last week I had the pleasure of buying Rapid Rewriter and discovered how easy it is to spin already written articles into brand new content in just seconds.

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Rapid Rewriter is a computer software program that is able to spin tens of hundreds of words in just a minute. It changes words, phrases and sentences into brand new content that can be published online. Rewriting articles takes a lot of time that maybe a business owner just does not have. Rapid Rewriter takes an article and spins it quickly, ensuring it is non-duplicated copy.

With Rapid Rewriter businesses are able to:

  • Create brand new content with old articles without running the risk of duplication
  • Make a lot more money doing less work because there are no hours spend on creating brand new articles
  • The program works on both Windows and MAC operating systems so there is no need to switch computers

Rapid Rewriter: Best Feature

Obviously the best feature of Rapid Rewriter is that it spins fresh articles from old ones in just minutes!

And how this helps you…

It helps businesses that do not have the time or the manpower to be always on top of writing new online content. Maybe they already have an article written but cannot repost it because it will get flagged as duplicate copy by a search engine.

What that means is…

Even though online marketing is extremely important to any marketing strategy, with current economic conditions, not all businesses have the time and resources necessary to write other articles – Rapid Rewriter allows businesses to focus on other essential tasks while it does the article spinning for them.

Rapid Rewriter review

Rapid Rewriter: Other Features

Rapid Rewriter adds links and images easily to any document as it creates the HTML version of the article, which is perfect if you do not know the first thing about HTML!

It comes with a built-in thesaurus that allows you to put in synonyms whenever you need to. The thesaurus is very extensive and provides you with the opportunity to add your own words to the database.

Numerous search engines, like Google, will not post articles if they do not pass a “duplicate content test.” Rapid Rewriter will provide insight at the bottom of the screen on how much of the article was spun, ensuring the article is still original.

Rapid Rewriter: What I Like the Most

As anyone will tell you, it is not easy to spin an article yourself and have it legible and still be high quality content. It takes a lot of time and effort, which many people do not have. For many businesses, spinning articles is an important aspect of any marketing strategy. As the name suggest, it rapidly rewrites an article into high quality, readable spun content. Rather than spending hours having to create new content, all a business has to do is spin something they have already written. Instead of taking hours out of the day, it takes only minutes.

Rapid Rewriter: What I do not Like (Or Wish to Improve)

Sometimes you may find yourself having to tweak the settings of Rapid Rewriter and add words into the article to make it sound a bit more natural. Rapid Rewriter does provide readable content but it may not always sound “human.” You may have to add a few extra words and phrases, but that is okay, because in the end, the article will sound just how you want it to.

Rapid Rewriter: Pricing & Money-Back Guarantee

Rapid Rewriter retails at $97.00. The creators of Rapid Rewriter have complete confidence that their product will provide users with everything they need to provide hundreds of unique articles in just a few seconds that they offer a 100 percent full money back guarantee.

It is in your best interest to buy on Rapid Rewriter today if you struggle with creating original online content and want an article spinner than provides quality writing.

Please tell your friends about this Rapid Rewriter review if you like it. They will save time, money and effort on article content spinning and create hundreds of versions from a single piece. Thank you!