SendPulse Review: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Lately, there is a lot of talk about SendPulse. According to the many reviews, this service claims to improve the email open rate by as much as 30%. No wonder many people are paying close attention to this resource.

In this day and age of email marketing and SMS marketing, people desire that their emails not only reach the targeted audience but are also opened. This is the only way to get the attention of the reader. However, keeping track on the emails or SMS and using an approach that appeals to a consumer isn’t easy. In fact, there is growing evidence that may people delete or trash an email even before reading it. And this is why people are turning to services like SendPulse.

What is SendPulse?

sendpulse-html-emailSendPulse is an online service that claims to help its users make the best use of their email, sms, web push and related services. According to the firm, their main agenda is to help you use minimal time and effort when using the services to communicate with your clients and customers.

Additionally, their desire is to assist you to lower the operating costs while reaching a wider audience. And to achieve this, they have rolled out a number of strategies, each designed to offer certain benefits and targeted at specific users. The company relies on the latest technology and is always researching on the best strategies that can suit a business.

What Services Are Offered?

The following are the main services provided by SendPulse:

Email marketing: This entails using the power of emails to market your services.

SMS Marketing: It involves using SMS or texts to reach your audience.

– Bulk Email & SMS: the service helps you to send SMS and Emails in bulk.

Web Push: This option allows you to instantly and automatically connect with your users via their devices.

Analytics: It gives a comprehensive report on the number of emails and SMS sent the number of connections, responses and more.

– Resend unopened mail: In case the target users don’t open their mail on time, this service resends the same and increases the Open Rate by up to 50%.

Convenient creator: With this service, creating a professional template or email is as simple as “dragging and dropping.”

How Do Users Benefit?

Users benefit in the following ways:

– Save Time: By automating the sending of emails and sms and using options like convenient email creator, users spend minimal time and effort.

– Reduce Cost: the cost of sending emails and sms, auditing the performance, and resending the emails is lowered.

– Boosts Open Rate: According to some clients, they have witnessed the email open rate increase by as much as 30%.

– 24-hour Support: Customers/clients get 24-hour support since there is always a representative who can be reached via phone or chat.

– Artificial Intelligence: Sending, re-sending, creating, and customizing emails, email campaigns, scheduling is easy and simple with this service.

Bottom Line

A look at SendPulse reveals that the firm offers a wide array of services. These include email marketing, sms marketing, email campaign, automated email creator, bulk email & SMS, Web Push, scheduling, analytics and much more.

When used as directed, these services increase the email open rate, reduce the time and effort used to create and send the email or sms, make it easy to customize the different services, and also lower the cost of operation. In addition to improving communication and efficiency, also boosts productivity and profitability.