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P.S. Now, here’s the Leadpages review. Enjoy!

What is Leadpages and Why You Should Care?

List Building is an absolutely essential ingredient if you want to grow your business now, for the past few months, i’ve been using some killer software to help build customize squeeze pages to help build my list called lead pages and in this video will do a full-blown review about Leadpages on the good the bad and nitty-gritty of so stay tune.

All right i thought i’d start this review out by sharing with you one of the coolest thing, one thing that has made the most excited about lead pages in this started with phone call that I received from the creator of Leadpages,a couple months back and him asking me about how we can combine the power of youtube and list buiding and role them up into one little ball…

… and this is the result be outward manifestation of that phone call which is a squeeze page designed to really send your traffic from your youtube videos to this page to sort serve multiple purposes number one with the largest intention is to build your list and that’s the important thing that we should all be doing is focusing on building list, targeted subscribers list names in email addresses right, but what be this squeeze page that lead pages has it’s one of the custom template …

…. that when you sign of the leadpages of access to this, what this is also does is makes it like a hundred times easier for people to subscribe to your channel as well as comments on your video so, let’s just gonna take you, I just gonna walk you through, this is one of my favorite things and i’m gonna show you how this and another one was.

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Is Leadpages Scam? Does Leadpages Work? Is Leadpages Legit? Top Reasons Why Leadpages Is the Real Deal and Ideal for Beginners and Pros Alike…

So like any normal squeeze page we have a headline up at the top this one says free report upgrade optimize your youtube channel for real results, your the ability here to putting any video you can use just a simple youtube video,just telling people what it is you have to offer in this customs squeeze page and have a little product image of the 2013 youtube channel checklist and you know can lay out my benefits with simple bullit points here and if I have a great job of conveying communicating the benefits, their three steps that people need to take in order to get this report.

The first one is to subscribe to my channel on youtube and they can do that by clicking here, if we have over to youtube analytics or to my analytics, you’ll actually see on march twenty seventh which was the first day that I actually promoted this video, a big spike in my subscribers on average day i get around thirty two forty, subscriber seems you can see thirty-six year, forty three, thirty six, the

… right here on three twenty seven thirty in the day i released this video to the world and shared it I basically doubled my subscribers are eighty seven almost almost ninety subscribers and literally be is because an only because of this thing right here this little easy button that says get this checklist you also have to make sure to subscribe to my channel and then what’s they’re very interesting we tried this other works great.

Step number two, click here to leave a comment on my latest youtube video and this will take people to youtube video where they can leave a comment and that video had over a hundred thirteen comments now came in the same day, why is this important, why did we include the step, well, for the long term big picture strategy on your youtube marketing, your actually you want to get in this much engagement as possible and no more comments you have on your videos the better. So here …

…we are in sensitizing our audience to comment on our videos to increasing engagement in which will increase our rankings and then finally step number three click here to grab the youtube checklist but go ahead and click my mouse over this here’s the best part stay tune, look at this watch your screen a little light box, dark dark is the background and this little box pops up here step one enter your email and and click the button and then that takes you to the download the page okay.

All of this which you just experienced is fully customizable inside of lead pages. In fact to show you just how easy it is to create something like that or probably even better than the one i did let’s go into lead pages right now and i’ll show you how i build that.


Here we are this is kind of the dashboard page of list leadpages shows all the pages that you’ve created and you can start from scratch and click templates, will take a look at these in a minute but they’re over thirty and growing different templates beyond squeeze pages that you can use at their webinar registration page, sales pages, thank you pages, viral pages, coming soon pages what else might thinking about pages probably if you are missing and here’s the youtube landing page co-creator with James Wedmore and by the way these are fanpage, friendly and mobile responses which i really like that.

So here’s we gonna do go back here and we’re gonna click youtube channel checklist and will click edit the page and you’re gonna see the back end of how I created this page this is what you’re presented with and you literally is so cool you literally just highlight your mouse over each elements and you can edit each one of them instantly.

So if i wanted to change this title i click on it and i can change it to you know me I just want to say free video making change whatever i want here’s a few other little elements and then we click ok and now, what do you know are thing has been completely updated okay we can update all of this all the way down the line which is really, really cool.


So you can obviously putting your youtube channel, you can put in your graphics you put in your videos is fully customizable. Now let me show you what’s uh… was really cool is when you’re done with that and you’ve saved your page it then takes you to page it looks like this and it says how would you like to publish this page? Now I hope you’re sitting down ’cause this is the coolest part.

First of all you can selected the basic option which is I wanna use to host the URL that means it’s gonna be the lead pages URL that doesn’t really get me to excited so i don’t use that auction that’s the person who doesn’t even own a website would use that option this is the one i use the most and this I wanna publishes page of my own word press website. What you do hear is you download a plugin that you and install on your word press website and it will full in your leadpages

… content so that when you host this page look up here your browser will say JamesWedmore dot com whatever u r l you want it doesn’t say forward anything it doesn’t have some funky url it’s your URL and that so important to have that branding very clearly identified now you can also set up an option to have this page publishing your fan page you can also download this page and have uploaded to your server and these last two are super advanced and i would avoid them if you’re gonna do it on facebook there’s or facebook one if you’re gonna do it on word press there’s your word press one okay.

That is what the so cool about this so let’s go to templates right now and take a look at some of these that we can that we can use play around with some of my favorite ones are these first three it’s got just a very simple often here and and there’s a big nice big pictures in the background and so it’s just up to you the either use a stock imager uh… custom image of your own but let me show you how easy we can just play around with this let’s go ahead this third one here and I just click use this template is gonna open up this page and basically there’s two things they can either go down and click all these buttons or I click it here.


So so i can click on that i can actually choose my own logo was I wanna use that and there’s your there’s your logo now I don’t really like the size of that that’s kind of a little too big for me so maybe you know, try something different i don’t really have another logo image here so I can upload something, you know what ever I gonna do. Now i can change this text anyway I want I can say …

… download the free report now and there it is it’s been changed and I can change the text here, click me now and you’ll see once again in real time our text has been change now what about this background what you can keep this background or if we just click on it we can also change this and will try something different here’s one of my images that I’ve used in the past and that you can play around that so everything here from your footer text, your privacy statement all that stuff is fully customizable…

… now the most important thing is opt-in form integration so you can use I’m using infusions soft if you using aweber, custome contact, Icontact etc your email marketing service you can really easily and effortlessly sink it, So that your emails get added to the right list or the right tag or the right webform inside your software that your using and it literally is just click a button and go, I can really I wasn’t able to this one click ok


…. and I’m ready to go and i click save to my pages i can say this is my youtube test for you guys to show how it’s work and then we can once again we’re presented as page where it says I wanna use this it’s a little actually give me the URL and literally ready to go with a live page that i can go type in my email press submit and go from here and i can share this page but like i said what i recommend is using published on the wordpress site or facebook fanpage okau.

So that pretty much is the gist of it is more than creating a lead pages or squeeze pages though you can use it for sales pages download pages etc, etc and as i mentioned before i actually highly highly recommend and endorse leadpages I’ve been using it myself now you’re gonna see pretty much ninety nine percent of the either sales page or or squeeze pages are going to be using lead pages so let’s just recap really quickly the pro of leadpages for me number one…


the professional quality of design if you want to prove your branding and your messaging it starts with great look and stuff and this is already ready-made okay and the second pro is that you don’t need to be a technical ways to do it everything’s kinda hosted through them an all works it works really easily you don’t need to worry about broken codes or images not uploading our …

…loading fast enough etc and i’m really really love that, the big downfall that i have which hopefully will change is it going into something is number one is i think this software would be ten times better if it had conversion or on split test tracking or conversion software built into it imagine if you could run two or three different squeeze pages at the same time to see which ones converting better you can’t do that used to do it separately three using by google website optimizer at split testing software

… the other thing is I kind a wish they had more customized images that you could use you can i have to provide your own images like give you one basic template have to get creative or find your own images and hopefully to do that now the big save the big thing that makes me happy and kind a makes up for a few days shortcomings is that they there still rather taking template requests that means they’re very in this early incubator stage open-minded stage of looking for feedback from you

… as to what type of pages they could have and even have a form here a single most important template I need immediately is and there are where have all these things so they’re willing to work with us and i know they’re coming out with a facebook page that helps you more likes that coming up pinteres page to help you get more pens and followers and probably a twitter one as well so we really cool stuff

Here’s the Leadpages pricing information it is thirty seven dollars a month i went ahead and upgraded to be one ninety seventy year to get to save more money and you’re get build once and it seems to be the most popular when that’s what it says here if you are interested in lead pages and don’t have the yet i’d highly highly recommended and endorse it now how the link on your screen right now and you can click that link and go straight to leadpages or you can click the link below that is my affiliate link and yes i do get my commission when you sign up.


I don’t recommend too many products or services but ninety nine percent of the time the ones i’ve recommend are the ones I’m using myself and I definitely using leadpages it’s making my life and my team’s life much easier so if you’re interested in what learn more about leadpages go ahead click that link on your screen right now or in the description box below sign up go for the annual or you can start out at just thirty seven dollars a month thank you so much for watching this video i really hope you found it informative and if you still have questions type then into the question box on youtube or my blog review watching this video so i can either address in the future video or reply to you in a comment thanks again i’ll talk to you soon.