This post is for Internet Marketers (and bloggers) who cannot figure out (yet) how to build high-converting squeeze pages that turn the many visitors into subscribers and want to see real-life examples of the best squeeze pages. If you like list building on steroids then this article is for you because…

We’re going to take a look at 13 of the highest-converting squeeze page examples – analyze what makes them powerful – so you have a “what works” model in front of you, ‘copy-cat’ ready!

Before we dive in, let’s answer some of the most common questions…

What does squeeze page really mean?

If you’ve been online for at least a month, you’ve heard about terms such as…

  • Lead capture page (or lead capture magnet)
  • Teaser page
  • Name squeeze page

These terms are referring to a web site (or blog) page that has a very specific objective:

*** “Capturing” the visitor’s name & email address. Sometimes even their phone, snail, or zip code.

So if you want to build a squeeze page to attract leads (potential customers), you can start by building a relationship with your audience and SHARE more about you, your specialty (skills or knowledge) and what you have to offer (or recommend) – a product, a service or maybe a training program.

This is an ethical and honest method; we’re not talking about spam practices nor taking hostages!

Why should someone give you their email address?

Do you remember: when was the last time you subscribed to a list or newsletter?

Why did you do it? Most probably, it was because it snagged your attention and offered something of true interest to you: mouthwatering sample, a desirable freebie item or maybe a how-to info-packed report that you found informative enough so that you had to enter your email and snatch it up.

Definition of a high-converting squeeze page

What makes some landing pages convert as high as 65% while the most struggle for 5%?

There are 3 key ingredients I want you to consider:

#1 – Overall Offer (HEADLINE) – the simpler, the better (it should be reader benefit-oriented)

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”- David Ogilvy

#2 – Email opt-in field – the higher positioned within the page, the better

#3 – Design – the simpler, the better (it helps load your page fast)

If you want to improve your conversions, you should also improve your email form and its call-2-action. If you give visitors the option to scroll their mouse to find your form, you will lose most of them. Make it quick to subscribe to your list and you’ll add more leads than before, guaranteed.

What does “high-converting” mean?

Don’t make the assumption that a newsletter is a squeeze page. You have to put that offer on its own dedicated page on your site or blog. Show no other distractions!

MindValley Labs split testing fanatics have proven… “Tests have shown that landing pages with too many navigational links consistently under-perform”

I spent 3 and half hours researching facts and statistics on the topic and I still couldn’t find anything reliable hat I could share. My opinion is that newsletters convert on average anywhere between 1% and 10% while top squeeze pages can get 25% and even 65% conversions.

What counts the most is the quality of the traffic (visitor) reaching your landing page combined with the speed of your page, the overall offer (headline) and the position of your email form.

Before you create your first landing page, you should always perform in depth RESEARCH: understand what you offer the market and what is really demanded.

Then ask yourself these 3 cardinal questions:

1. What is my target audience (client) having problems/challenges with?

2. Are there any products (free and paid) on the market solving that problem/challenge yet?

3. How to create a headline that is reader-oriented while sounding hype-free (credible)?

“Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.” – David Ogilvy

A winning headline fills the gap between your target audience’s #1 need and what you have to offer (solution)

13 Squeeze Page Examples
and what makes them powerful

#1. Stupid Simple Squeeze Page

What makes this powerful?

This is the most effective, simplest “design”, no distractions, just “enter your email” landing page I’ve ever seen. If you do a split (or multivariate) test with all of the other 12 examples you’ll read about next, you might be amazed to see this one WINNING in 9 out of 10 cases!

#2. Header Squeeze Page

Dan Lew

What makes this powerful?

There’s a lively debate on industry-related blogs and forums: “Should you have a header or not on a landing page?” and the answer is: NEVER!, if you have an amateurish-looking graphic, or one that doesn’t emphasize your offer in 3 seconds or less.

Take a look at this winning header instead: it embeds the headline (promise), eCover and brand.  YES!

#3. Video Squeeze Page

Eben Pagan

What makes this powerful?

It’s the headline promise: intriguing and reader-oriented. No doubt.

It has been said this was (one of the) most often “copy-cat” landing pages for many years, when it had no graphics and no video. Eben has now modernized it and I assume these elements gave a quick boost in conversion. The original page had high subscription rates already!

#4. Audio Squeeze page

Armand Morin

What makes this powerful?

An instant audio grabber is the key here. I’d prefer a video on the landing page though, since they’re offering a video presentation on their software. This is more like a disguised “pre-sale” landing page. It works if you do a product launch or want to share a demo of your program.

#5. Graphic Squeeze Page

Peter Garety

What makes this powerful?

I forgot to count the number of times I’ve stumbled upon bloggers with mailing list offers (the numbers of bloggers not having a list at all is even higher!) but no graphic representation.

Don’t they have $20 for a pro-looking eCover? This has been tested and proven to double and even triple email subscriptions!

#6. Random Draw Squeeze Page

John Chow

What makes this powerful?

If you had the chance to sit down and talk with a blogger making $40k a month, and having real proof, would you download his free eBook showing you their “secrets”? For most aspiring bloggers, this claim would sound BALLONEY. But let’s not forget who’s behind this – John Chow – and how long it took him to reach this exposure, popularity and income. No pain, no gain!

Plus, I like his promise: “Just for signing up, you will be entered to win an Apple iPad!“

Think how you could implement this in your landing page strategy. Act as a product launcher!

#7. Try-It-Free Squeeze Page

What makes this powerful?

You cannot ignore their niche-oriented product: email marketing software for designers and their clients. If more people aim to be client-focused and not “all things to all people”, businesses would convert more visitors into loyal customers, guaranteed.

You will find these kinds of pages in the software/web hosting related industry where “try before you buy” is the standard, yet not all comply.

#8. Blog Integrated Squeeze Page

What makes this powerful?

The mailing list offer is presented in the blog’s sidebar and they’ve also built a dedicated squeeze page for it. I like the “REASON WHY” title (headline) – it attracts struggling freelancers who cannot sleep at night thinking…

Why Some Freelancers Thrive while They’re Barely Surviving…

#9. Discount Squeeze Page

Dave Navarro

What makes this powerful?

In my opinion, this is the most profitable list one can setup because it mostly attracts buyers with “card on hands”. You won’t join such a list unless you’re interested in the niche products, and looking to save some money down the road, right?

If you advertise this page only to paid customers or private clients, you could expect to receive super-high conversions, potentially 80% or more. Just test it and see how it goes!

#10. Newsletter Squeeze Page

What makes this powerful?

A free newsletter for smart Internet Marketers, coming from Brian Clark and the CopyBlogger team? Who wouldn’t join that? Plus, the headline says…

“You don’t have to be a genius to master Internet Marketing”. Great USP! Also, notice the 20-part eCourse integrated into the subscription offer, smart!

#11. Sales Letter Squeeze Page

Yaro Starak

What makes this powerful?

It’s not the video, although it increases conversions, but what makes this page powerful is its unique sales letter style. It packs more elements than a simple squeeze: credibility-building testimonials and social proof graphics.

Although this might not get 60% conversion (let’s ask Yaro and find out!), I presume the quality of people joining is top-notch since it takes a few scrolls to reach the sign-up form.

#12. eCourse Squeeze Page

Ramit Sethi

What makes this powerful?

The 7-day quickstart email course offer: straight to the point; 3 bullet points. Unique strategy.

#13. eBook Offer Squeeze Page

Daniel Scocco

What makes this powerful?

The eBook offer in itself. Daniel claims the content to be unique, in other words, he writes from personal experience, so it must be good as you’re learning from someone who runs pro blogs such as, DailyBits.comand

What You Should Do Next:

You want to split test your squeeze pages and see which squeeze page example or method works for your particular niche or industry. You don’t have to make all your pages stupid simple unless you want to, nor do you have to add heavy designs that slow the loading time of your page.

Testing will make the difference. You don’t have to upload video just because it’s the rage; maybe your visitors are not YouTube fanatics.

P.S. Are you looking to get higher conversions from your welcome emails, follow-ups and product launches? Click here!