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Is Clickfunnels Scam? Does Clickfunnels Work? Is Clickfunnels Legit? Top Reasons Why Clickfunnels Is the Real Deal and Ideal for Beginners and Pros Alike…

Miles Becker here and welcome to this clickfunnels review now I’ve been using clickfunnels for over a year personally and it has worked wonders for an aspect of my business but to be perfectly honest with you I also use a wordpress based system I use thrive themes for some of my marketing funnels and find that to be very very user friendly so

Before we jump in if you have WordPress skills if you’re very budget-conscious and if you’re willing to invest more of your time and you don’t want to invest your money you may want to consider using WordPress and thrive themes.

With that said if you’re busy if you’re looking to get into this internet marketing thing you don’t have the tech skills you want a platform you can count on to build your marketing funnels to build your online business click funnels may very well be the correct option for you.

My biggest recommendation before we jump inside that dashboard is click the link below the video in the description it’s miles Bechtler comm slash funnels and take them up on their free trial for 14-day free trial of click funnels because honestly you can get your first funnel built the first day you could begin running traffic to it you can begin growing your list and potentially even seeing commissions on affiliate products or sales from your own products within the two-week period so it really makes no sense not to jump in get started set a calendar reminder if you’re unsure if you want to keep it for 13 days out so you can make a decision but really just jump in and get started is sometimes the best you can do.

What is Clickfunnels and Why You Should Care?


With that said let me get myself out of the way and let’s jump inside of the dashboard here so this is the click funnels dashboard this is where you end up once you log in to click funnels with your own account the first thing you’re gonna notice is these three simple videos each of them are about 6 to 7 minutes and they really give you the click here do this get this set up kind of instructions that make it really simple to get your ideas conveyed on the web through the click funnels system

It’s a brilliant place to start honestly you really need to get going there now we are only working within the funnels portion here as you can see I’m on the $97 per month account I’m not I don’t run action ethics and I don’t run back and if you’re just getting started with an internet business I don’t recommend that you do either I would avoid their upsells I would build your first funnel and I would start to run Facebook pay-per-click traffic instead of putting that extra money into these tools or into the one-on-one coaching because building the funnel is simple and it’s all about testing your ideas getting some traffic and getting some results.

clickfunnels-1So you’ve gotten started here and click funnels right where do you go the first place you need to go is here under the account there’s a few things you need to get set up the first thing is your custom domain this is where you take it from being your name click funnels com to your brand calm and having it at your own domain name is a really powerful kind of influential way to make sure that your visitors and your customers really truly believe that you are a reputable company that you are worthy of kind of taking action through so that’s a that’s an absolute must and they definitely have a training for that.

The next place you’re gonna want to go is here into the integrations.

Now the integrations is where you’re gonna connect it with your autoresponder you can see here I’ve got it connected with aweber as my autoresponder so if you’re on convertkit aweber activecampaign it doesn’t really matter you just click the add new integration you give it a nickname and you can see that it’s just got them all signed up here


… and it simply walks you through the process of setting these integrations up super super simple stuff anytime you’re in the dashboard you get going you can always click on the click funnels logo it takes you back to this main dashboard.

The one other place you need to get going here if you’re selling your own products if you’re an affiliate that is all you really need to worry about here is the integrations and the the custom domains if you’re selling your own products you do want to connect your own payment gateway I do recommend stripe stripe has been an absolute fantastic integration we use it for multiple websites I keep a very open communication with them some people have challenges with stripe I’ve had some really good experiences with them especially when I notify them via email before a launch or reform traveling if my IP address is going to bounce around they really appreciate that.

Now if you’re giving away ebook from your funnel if that’s kind of the giveaway you can actually set up clickfunnels here with this digital assets to deliver that ebook for you on your thank-you page this is a really powerful way to help you save a bunch of time.


You simply add the PDF document as the asset and they automatically put that inside of your thank-you page as the delivery This is really powerful but if you’re watching or going through some of my other videos like the 30 minute affiliate funnel video that we do you actually don’t need to use this because you’re only setting up a bridge page and you’re sending the visitor over to the affiliate product from your Thank You page and if you’re interested in how that works be sure to check out my how to build an affiliate funnel in 30 minutes video I’ll put that link in the description as well

So we’re in click funnels we now have our integrations set up correctly what is the next step well luckily it’s very simple it’s this big orange button here you click add new funnel and this is where this is where click funnels is like magical to be perfectly honest because in WordPress or in another system you you need to manage multiple kind of pieces of software and get them working together in order to get these kinds of results.


So if you’re running an affiliate funnel like the one that we did in that 30 minute video or if you’re getting going as an affiliate marketer this is what you choose and collecting emails is going to be a very simple landing page for the opt-in and then a thank-you page. If you want to sell your product obviously this is the one you choose and it gets it gets more creative here there’s more you can do in the sell your product realm…

… and then the webinars if you if you’re constantly running webinars where they’re marketing webinars or paid webinars as a product system it’s a great way to integrate webinars you just set up your webinar system inside of the integrations right where we just were and as you launch these new webinars they plug right into webinar Jam, Google Hangouts or whatever you use.

So let’s look inside of the sell your product here I am an information marketer and I love information products compared like drop shipping that the margins are just fantastic which means better budgets for for marketing and it allows you to kind of build a large and noteworthy business on a relatively few number of customers compared to many other business models.


So the product launch is following Jeff Walker’s product launch formula a sales funnel is going to be a simple squeeze page to upsell type sales funnel where you’re getting customers and leads in one funnel and then obviously the membership funnel I’ve done a I run a membership system here on click funnels I’m gonna probably do a full video on how to set up a membership program just to kind of show you all of the ins and outs that we do here but let’s go into the sales funnel right now


…. and what we’re gonna do is type in a name right put my name and then a group tag no need for that I’ll just skip that and let’s build the funnel you can see it’s gonna put a four step funnel together for me and that’s pretty much all I need to get started the cool part is I can drag and drop additional steps so if I want to add like a one-click upsell after the checkout page it’s literally I’m able to add a new step in here and just kind of modify that quickly let me move myself up over here in the corner and you can see on the Left these are the funnel steps that it just created for us it automatically set it all up and it’s already working right so all we need to do is the pages are linked together the the sales page is physically there the order form is in so it’s like the shopping cart the lead generation system and the product delivery system were all created with just a few clicks.


This is the power of click funnels. You can set up new ideas you can iterate you could launch them incredibly quickly. Now I’m scrolling through the different templates that we have available you can see they’ve got a lot of professionally designed templates and if you’ve watched some of my other videos where I review squeeze pages and landing pages from some of the pros you’ll notice they’ve got a lot of simple options I love simple options simple works and I’m a huge fan of it so I personally would gravitate towards some of these really simple styles but I was gonna see here on the top you notice they do have the different template right so these are the different templates that we’re looking at here so what you do is you just you pick one right and you’re gonna want to make sure your template is very similar all the way through your funnel


…. so I’m gonna go with this two-step video opt-in click select template and it just tells you right here that you’ve already got it set up and it gives you your funnel step and it brings us inside of the funnel step and literally it’s going to load this I’m not gonna build out this funnel right now I will do that in a further video but I just wanted to show you how easy this is inside of click funnels to get going and what you see here is inside of our editor we’re able to go

… into the settings here and we can actually this little gear wheel it allows us to change and get this URL to be nice and clean if I want to put one of my custom domains I can set that up here and I could say squeeze page awesome-sauce because who doesn’t like some awesomesauce and this is it we’re gonna go really quick just another two minutes or so in this video and then we’re gonna wrap it up but I want to show you inside of the editor.

clickfunnels-templates-9So when we click Edit Page this button down here it actually brings us inside of the template that we just loaded and this is where you’re able to take advantage of not only their design help that they’ve done but also the the technical components gotta keep moving myself around the screen here and you’ll notice over here on the right these are the main kind of navigational items these are the overarching kind of tools that you have within the editor.

The way the editor works is there’s three levels of content and they’re highlighted with different colors so this is the orange and the orange is kind of the actual element then outside of the orange we have the blue so you can see it goes orange to blue and then we have a teal color so the teal color is like the outer container so if I click delete right here and now it would actually delete everything that’s in this green which would literally be the entire page you can see that green box follows all the way around the page then the next level in is this kind of blue and then you have the orange…

… so when I want to modify the text I just click inside of the orange and I physically just start changing the text I’m saying it’s it’s literally point-and-click easy you just go in and modify what you want the way you want you can remove things and add things and it’s it’s really quite quite impressive how easy this is so now you can see these ones highlight blue I can click over here and it gives me the orange which would be my way of modifying the text let’s just call it a blueprint or a bootcamp make it a five-day boot camp because who doesn’t like a five-day boot camp so this

… is it really this is how you modify it and then with the video here if this is a video squeeze page you simply click on it it brings out the options tab and all you do is plug in your Vimeo URL if you have a Vimeo video I love using Vimeo Pro for my videos so you just pop in there’s not even embed code to deal with it’s that easy pop in your video and it’ll automatically load it there for you and that’s it when you’re good and you’re happy with it obviously you tweak all these little components you simply click Save and it has automatically saved this for you and this is how you get back inside of your editor dashboard with this little back button..

… and what you’ll do is you’ll go through each page right so the squeeze page gets set up you go into your sales page it’s gonna want to know the specifics so they’ve got kind of like generic text that’s in there it’s designed to be kind of a mental trigger for you if you don’t have copywriting skills or if you don’t have a copywriter but now again we’re in the sales page and it wants us to pick what our sales video is and I would just make sure I match it to the one I did right so I want the same colors I want the same look and I just follow that theme all the way through the order form is already built for you it’s already tied in to stripe.


I can’t tell you how powerful this is the first few times I set up and sold my own products it was an absolute mishmash of tools and and secure socket layer ‘s and plugins and it was not as clean as this is and you simply select your template it automatically loads it for you creates this page for you and then you’re in and you get to go inside of your sales page you can turn on components turn off components as you choose I do recommend getting their their address so you can get their zip code and getting their phone number definitely helps keep the the failed payments go

… as low as possible but you’ll notice I’m gonna drop myself down here in the corner you just kind of modify you just grab this it’ll ask you what you want your logo to be you just enter your logo if you want to upload it you just click the plus it’ll let you upload it from your website here or from your your home computer here and it’s really really simple stuff like everything’s point-and-click and they show you how to do everything but really this is amazing I mean how easy it is it gets their contact information the billing address puts in the credit card information and boom they click complete their order and they automatically go get their product it’s really really powerful

So I really think that if you’re on the fence about clickfunnels the best thing you can do is get a 14-day free trial what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna give you the ability to click around inside of it right you need to see if it matches your personality type it’s best for people who want to get started quickly who want to iterate quickly who want to launch split tests you want to go straight to the pro level of internet marketing from the get-go on a program and a software application that’s going to support you in your growth and you’re willing to pay ninety seven bucks a month for it at $97 a month…

… it’s not all that much more expensive than if you were building things out on a self-hosted system you might be able to save you might be able to cut down 50% of your costs but you do get three funnels inside of clickfunnels at that $97 price so really it’s kind of a mishmash and if you’ve got a professional job if you’re building this on the side

If you have a day job and it commute you know saving two hours a month should be worth about thirty to fifty dollars right there and that’s the difference and it will absolutely save you hours every month it’ll save you I mean dozens and dozens of hours potentially every month unless you happen to be a wordpress guru in that case just stick with what you know and go with WordPress and thrive themes or optimized press or one of those press themes that you know of.

I hope this has been helpful I just kind of wanted to give you the broad look inside of clickfunnels here we’re gonna do some more videos where I actually set up some more of the funnels I didn’t want to go too deep I’m already about 15 minutes in I totally respect your time so if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up but more than that gets started on a free trial and give it a shot…

… and then come back and leave me a comment did it work what do you think about clickfunnels do you have questions are you getting stuck if you are leave me a comment I’m happy to help where I can I’m not a magician on clickfunnels I’m a user who’s used it for over a year very successfully and that’s why I’m kind of showing you inside and giving you the tour of how this all works finally be sure to subscribe to the channel so you get these new tutorials these click funnel tutorials and lessons that I’m dropping as I release them and again thank you for your time have a great day it smiles bechler and i’ll see you on the next video.

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